Saturday, March 31, 2012

4 Month Check Up!

Last Monday I took Amelia in for her 4 month well baby check up and shots. :( She did not do nearly as well with the shots as she did at her 2 month appointment. She ran a little fever and was off her game for about 3 days. We seem to be back to normal now but that was no fun! 

4 month stats: 

Weight: 13 lbs 1 oz (22nd percentile)

Height: 25.39 inches (81st percentile)

Head: 16.34 inches (71st percentile)

That 22nd percentile freaked me out a bit but her Pediatrician said its nothing to worry about and she looks very healthy! She will likely just be a slim baby. I think she will be a super model... :)

Blue Steel?

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