Friday, March 21, 2014

Baby Girl #2: 29 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 29 the third trimester!

GENDER: Team Pink, round 2!

WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS:  Per the doctor at 28 week check up: up 11 pounds...I guess my body made up for that slow start! Ha!

STRETCH MARKS: I had a minor (OK major...pregnancy hormones) freak out because I took a late shower one day and didn't immediately put on lotion on my belly. Its so dry here and I was feeling a bit itchy so I checked it out and I had red marks ALL OVER MY SIDE AND BELLY! I was devastated and sure this was it, stretch marks. I know its silly to care this much but I feel like stretch marks are the ONE annoying pregnancy symptom that I have escaped so I was devastated. Turns out my skin was just ultra dry. I loaded up on cocoa butter that night and have been extremely diligent with it ever since and I seem to be in the clear.

SWELLING:  None to report.


BELLY BUTTON: Almost an outtie, mostly flat but the area around my piercing sticks out.

SLEEP: they say, pregnancy prepares us for having a newborn and at this point I am up 2-3 times a night. Sometimes I just get up and go to the bathroom and go right back to sleep, other times...not so much. I have been having lovely periods of insomnia where I just lay in bed for hours in the middle of the night. I would get up and do something but I feel pretty queasy when I get up so usually staying horizontal works out the best. No fun...and I'm tired. :)

CRAVINGS: I am not a red meat person. I don't particularly care for steak or burgers and I certainly never crave them in normal life. Well, pregnancy isn't normal is it? I have had 2-3 intense cravings for burgers!!! Luckily there is a Culver's close by and Eric is more than happy to oblige!

SYMPTOMS:  I'm revisiting morning sickness...Ive even thrown up a few times. Not super pleasant but it usually passes after breakfast and a little downtime so its not a huge deal. Heartburn has been RAGING.  I was going through so much TUMS I decided I needed to switch it up to something a little more natural so my old doula Angie is sending me some bitters...I don't even know what that is but its supposed to be awesome and soooo much better for me than Tums. I have also had my first experience with Braxton Hicks contractions! It kind of freaked me out because I felt NONE of that with Amelia but its cool and it makes me feel like my body is getting itself ready for labor!

MOVEMENT: Baby girl is in full on acrobatic mode! She is always doing what feels like flips and spins. I love it.


WHAT I'M LOVING: Lots of awesome movement and my big belly.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: oddly enough labor...

BIG SIS UPDATE: Amelia has been talking about Baby Sister a lot. She calls her by name and asks to hug and kiss her all the time. She even told me she was going to hold her hand and play with her when she gets here. Heart melt!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baby #2: 26 Weeks

Edited to add: written around 2/24/14..also I suck at taking pictures. Sorry Baby Girl!


GENDER: Team Pink, round 2!

WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS:  Per the doctor at 24 week checkup: up 3 pounds exactly, per my home scale as of today

STRETCH MARKS: Still none :)

SWELLING:  None to report.

MATERNITY CLOTHES:  YEP! I may never go back to regular pants.

BELLY BUTTON: Bigger and flatter yet!

SLEEP: I wake up 1-2 times a night to use the bathroom. I wake up if Amelia makes the slightest noise on the monitor. I wake up if Eric snores or turns on a light or does anything. Sometimes I fall right back asleep, sometimes I don't. Again, I am tired.

CRAVINGS: Nothing new to report.

SYMPTOMS:  Congested and runny nose -- this basically has lingered since the sinus infection but since I don't have any other "cold" symptoms I think it is just pregnancy related. I have also been having a lot of headaches lately.

MOVEMENT: I love the kicks so much and now you can fully see them on the outside. I like to have Amelia feel the movement, she gets a kick out of it.

WHAT I MISS:  Not feeling tired (i know...that's not getting better anytime soon) and the sun. I did get a little vitamin D yesterday with Amelia, it was 40 degrees!

WHAT I'M LOVING: being another week closer to meeting this girl!

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: A summer spent outside with my two girls. With the baby being due in early summer I'm really hoping we will get to enjoy the good weather while it is here!

BIG SIS UPDATE: We have started talking to Amelia about switching to a big girl bed so now every time I lay her down she says "soon Amelia will have a big girl bed like mommy and daddy and baby sister will sleep in Amelia's crib!" She seems pretty excited about it right now but we will see how she feels when it actually comes to fruition! She also drug out her Bumbo seat the other day to play with it and Daddy told her that her baby sister would be using that soon and she quickly replied, "NO! this is Amelia's, not baby sister's!" Sorry to break the bad news kid but basically everything that was Amelia's will soon be baby sister's...bummer huh? :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby #2: 24 Weeks

Edited to add: written around 2/10/14

OK, I admit it…I have dropped the taking belly pictures/blogging ball on this one. I'm sorry Baby Girl #2, but its really hard to keep up with it. I will keep trying to update as often as I can and I PROMISE I will be better with updates about you when you enter this world! I have been seeing a lot of blogs follow a little outline with baby bump dates so I thought I would try that and see if I can stick it out through the rest of the pregnancy… wish me luck!


GENDER: Team Pink, round 2!

WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS:  I can finally report a positive number here, as of last appointment I am up 2 pounds!

STRETCH MARKS: None. I have been religiously slathering my belly in cocoa butter nightly…and sometimes daily.

SWELLING:  None to report. I had a little with Amelia towards the end so we shall see.

MATERNITY CLOTHES:  All day, every day. I didn't waste a minute this pregnancy getting into maternity clothes and I will be sad when the day comes I can no longer wear them. They are insanely comfortable!

BELLY BUTTON: Its not an outie per se, its more flat….and huge.

SLEEP: Sleep was going pretty well with the occasional nighttime potty break but this past week I have been struck with a lovely sinus infection which has made sleep a little rough. I have been waking up multiple times a night and staying awake for an hour or more each time. I am tired.

CRAVINGS: Still craving salty foods but nothing too crazy.

SYMPTOMS:  The all day and night nausea has passed. At this point I still feel a little queasy in the mornings and also If I don't eat every two hours. Other than that just tired…which this week is more due to illness than pregnancy.

MOVEMENT:  Baby Girl is moving and a grooving and I love it. She really gets going at night when I'm laying in bed.

WHAT I MISS:  BEER AND WINE AND THE SUN. I think the extreme cabin fever I am feeling is leading me to miss drinking MUCH more than last pregnancy.

WHAT I'M LOVING: Maternity clothes, sleep when I can get it, dessert without regret, tiny baby kicks, Amelia loving on the belly

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Again, I think its more due to the Polar Vortex but I feel like I am ready to get this show in the road and meet this baby. I think (and hope) that my patience will return when the weather gets a little better and we can actually go outside.

BIG SIS UPDATE: Amelia is adorable as usual whenever we talk about the baby. She now lifts up my shirt and pats my belly and tells me she wants to give the baby a kiss. It melts my heart. :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby W #2 is a...

If you didn't already know...

We had out anatomy ultrasound on Jan 14th. Eric and Amelia were convinced Baby #2 was a girl. I wasn't strongly convinced one way or the other but I thought maybe boy because of my different cravings and worse symptoms. Really we had no idea. :)

Amelia came along for the Ultrasound and the tech got right to work. Of course her first question was whether we wanted to know the sex and we said, "YES PLEASE!" It didn't take long to locate those three little lines...Eric knew before the tech even confirmed.

Baby Wagner #2 is....A GIRL!

We are all very excited to add another little girl to our growing family. I could not be more pleased to give Amelia a sister. I always wanted that growing up! (Not to mention we have everything we need for a girl!)

creepy yet awesome 3D US


I already have my nursery planned out (well the inspiration at least), now we just need a name!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Baby #2: 18 Weeks

Baby #2: 16 Weeks

Edited to add: written around 12/16/13

In my 16th week of my second pregnancy I turned 31 years old. Although I still don't feel old it does kind of sound old... :) I had the best birthday! Amelia and Eric spoiled me, I got in some shopping and lunch with a friend and a lot of relaxing and most importantly I felt great all day!


Now "morning sickness" is not totally gone but it's so much better that I feel like I can't complain. I have greatly reduced the frequency of the Zofran. I'm still taking it ( and need it) upon waking but in just playing it by ear for the rest of the day. Sometimes I need it and sometimes I don't! :) 

I'm still pretty tired, some days I'll catch a nap while Amelia naps but I seem to feel worse when I wake up. When I don't nap I am BEAT by the time evening rolls around. Eh...such is pregnancy!

I think maybe I'm starting to feel the baby move. Right around now was when I felt the faint movements last time so hopefully I'll be feeling the rolling belly movements soon! 


16 weeks
Down 5 pounds
Feeling so much better! Yes!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby #2: 15 Weeks

Edited to add: written around 12/9/13

Time is suddenly going very fast in this pregnancy and I just realized I have yet to take a belly pic and I am scrambling to write a post at the last minute. (and missing several) When you throw a toddler in the mix you just don't focus on the pregnancy as much! Sometimes that's a good thing!


Well I am happy to report I am feeling MUCH better. I am still taking the Zofran and for the most part as long as I take it on time and eat every couple of hours I feel good. I am still having blood pressure issues and I seem to get light headed really easily, even when I have a full stomach. I have an appointment this Friday so we will see what the doc says about that. I'm still tired but that seems a little better this week as well. Overall I have felt more like myself this week and its very nice. 

I actually feel like I am starting to look pregnant. This pregnancy is so different, I still fit into all of my pre-preg clothes but I have a distinct little belly. I am actually hoping for a big growth spurt because as of right now I'm too small for maternity pants and they are so comfortable I just want to wear them! 


15 Weeks 
Still down 6 pounds by home scale, Doc apt Friday
Baby is the size of an apple
Symptoms are letting up

Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby #2: 13 Weeks

Edited to add: written around 11/25/13

Between a wedding weekend, a conference for me and a trip to Iowa for Amelia's birthday party and Thanksgiving we have had a busy couple of days! We were able to tell a lot of family and friends about the new addition to our family, which has been really fun. We announced the pregnancy in a fun way at Amelia's party.  My mom made Amelia an adorable shirt announcing the change in her only child status and we had that gift be the last present she opened. Here is the shirt.


My nausea seems to slowly get a better little by little. I'm still very dependent on the Zofran but I don't feel quite as bad and I'm not getting sick quite as often. Hooray for progress. I don't seem to be losing any more weight either which makes me feel a little better. I haven't actually gained any weight either but I know that will come. I don't think I officially gained weight until 16 weeks with Amelia so I'm not too far off from that.  My appetite is still wonky. I'm just not very hungry and I can't eat very much in one sitting without getting sick. Hopefully that will get better soon too. I did have one little fainting/black out incident this week that was really scary at the time because I was alone but I have since chalked up to blood pressure issues. Standing (like in a line) for long periods of time seems to really worsen the nausea and lightheadedness. Mental note...don't do that.

Even though I have been sick this is going so fast! I cannot wait to find out if Baby W #2 is a boy or girl!


13 weeks
Down about 6 pounds still
Feeling better
Sleep is great, especially during the day while Amelia naps :)