The Story of Us:

Eric and I met freshman year (2001) of college at Iowa State University. He was a member of Pi Kappy Phi Fraternity and I was a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority and our houses had been paired together for Greek Week. Its common knowledge that after houses are paired together for an event they usually spend the next several months hanging out and maybe even a few couples are born out of the pairing. That however, is not our story. We met durring this time, even exchanged numbers but dating was not on either of our minds.

Several years passed and suddenly it is the week before Senior year (2004)! I had just gotten back from a summer living and working in Washington, DC, convinced that I was going to graduate early, move to DC and start a whole new life!  At this point several of my girlfriends and sorority sisters were dating members of Eric's fraternity and a group of the boys had moved into a house one street down from DDD. One day before classes started we all ended up hanging out at the "White House." Eric was there...we talked...we drank...we made plans to meet up later that night when we all went out and the rest as they say is history! From that point on (pretty much) we were inseparable!

I moved to Syracuse, NY in the summer of 2005 to start Law School, we spent that year flying and driving all over the country (Iowa, New York, South Carolina, Ohio!) to see each other. We made it through the year and in May of 2006 Eric proposed at our favorite Sushi restaurant in West Des Moines, IA!

In August of 2006 I moved to Columbia, SC to continue my Law School career and a few months later Eric moved to Greer, SC to start his first job at Timken! I spent pretty much every weekend driving to Greer to spend time together after living apart for a year! We didn't know anyone and it took awhile to make a great group of friends but we didn't care because we got to be together and we were getting married!

On January 5, 2008 we tied the knot in West Des Moines, IA with our closest friends and family. It was the most wonderful day and I wouldn't change a thing!

I moved to Greer with Eric and commuted for the last year of Law School and in Janurary of 2009 I started MY first real job at The Solicitor's Office in Spartanburg, SC. (Thats the District Attorney's Office for all your northerners!)

In the fall of 2010 Eric was promoted to a new plant in Union, SC and in October we moved into a big beautiful new home in Spartanburg,SC perfect for raising a big beautiful new family....

On Monday March 14, 2011 we found out we are pregnant! We had been trying so it wasn't a true surprise but we were elated none the less! After taking SEVERAL at home tests we made an appointment with the doctor to confirm. On Wednesday March 16, 2011 the doctor confirmed that I was in fact 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Baby W is due to enter the world November 20, 2011. (which was his/her Maternal Great Grandma's birthday!)