Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lilla: 1 Month Old

Happy 1 Month to my second sweet little girl!

Lilla turned 1 Month old on 6/24/14. I knew blogging would be harder with Number 2, even with my mom here to help I never find time to do it! And to think we want 1 more, I will never get anything done! Ha!

Lilla is so much different than Amelia was. First of all she is huge, lol! We don't have another appointment until 2 months but I know she has gained a ton. She no longer looks like a newborn. She has little baby rolls and a double chin! She has moved up a size in diapers and some clothes. It is not a wonder she is so big though, the girl loves to eat! I truly believe she would stay on the boob all day if I let her! She is a champion nurser, so much so that she sometimes gets too much and projectiles it back out at me...cute. :) I am so much less rigid with Lilla than I was with Amelia, I don't watch the clock at all, I just feed her when she wants it regardless of time. Novel concept. ;)

Sleep has been pretty good. She has made it up to 6 hours at night a couple times and is consistently only waking 1-2 times a night. She still sleeps A LOT during the day, more than I remember with Amelia and more than I thought she would but it doesn't seem to be hurting her nighttime sleep so I'm not worried! She is starting to having more wakeful periods during the day. She will lay on her playmat and stare at the baby in the mirror or lay on my legs and stare at me. Amelia likes to lay with her on the playmat and give her toys. She CANNOT WAIT until Lilla can actually play with her.

Speaking of big sister she is still doing well with a touch of crazy. She LOVES Lilla, she still wants to touch her and hug her and hold her and talk to her ALL THE TIME. She is learning to use gentle touches and that she can't touch or talk to the baby when she is sleeping. She is a great big sister and we cannot wait to watch these two grow up together and hopefully become best friends. We talk on a regular basis about what Lilla will be able to do with Amelia when she gets bigger. Funny thing...anytime Amelia picks up something of LIlla's or watches Lilla do something like cry or spit up she references how she did that or used that when she was a baby. Example: Lilla spits up, Amelia says: "I used to spit up when I was a baby." Amelia points to the playmat and says: " I used to play with that when I was a baby." Lilla poops and Amelia says: "I used to poop in my diaper when I was a baby." The list goes on. :) She has even started referencing how Mommy and Daddy used these things or did these things when they were babies.

The infamous "witching hour" has begun. Every evening Lilla wants to be held and nurse until bed time. She is much more awake during this time too. Its not terrible because Eric usually takes over Amelia playtime so I am able to hold Lilla and feed her on and off but it will be interesting when me and the girls have to home alone for an evening/night. Oh well, I will worry about that when the time comes!

Lilla is starting to smile and respond to us a little more. She is much more stoic than Amelia but her little personality is starting to shine through. I am really looking forward to more smiles and coos!

Time is flying, I feel like I'm going to blink and 6 months will have gone by. I want things to slow down though, I love this cuddly (and if I'm being honest quiet and immobile...) baby stage!


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