Sunday, March 31, 2013

12 - 16 Months in Pictures

Thursday, March 28, 2013

16 Months Old

So I planned to write a 15 month post...instead of racking my mommy brain for what was happening a month ago Ill just write a 16 month post. :)

A LOT has changed since my 1 year post. (I realize I only posted it a week or so ago but I actually wrote it when she turned 1...) There is no denying it now, Amelia is a TODDLER. She has her own personality, she can communicate...for the most part and she is a blast(and a handful!).

She has so many words now. Many that anyone could understand and a lot more that aren't exactly right but we know exactly what she means. On top of the words she knows she will try to say any word you ask her to and most of the time its pretty close if not right on.  New words and phrases since 1 year include: No, eat, more, hi, bye bye, ball, baby, paci (she doesn't use one but her baby doll has one), please (sounds like peeeeeees, so cute), thank you (almost always used appropriately),"nye nye" (night night), love you, na-na-na (banana), black bean, blueberry (sometimes it comes out clear), are you? (said when looking for someone, like "where are you?"), shoe, sock, snack and orange. It seems like every day she says a new word, I know I am forgetting some. They aren't all perfect but she works so hard. She can also sign a handful of things including: milk, sleep, eat, more, all done and baby.

She has recently started "singing" her ABC's. Her current favorite book is "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" (thanks Aunt Abby) and the last page is the alphabet and we always sing it to her and lately she has randomly started signing it to us. Its obviously not quite there yet but the tune is right and she gets the occasional letter right so we just keep doing it with her. She will have it down in no time!

You would think with all these words communication wouldn't be a problem but it is. She has started throwing TANTRUMS. Who knew the "Terrible Twos" actually started at 16 months? Amelia is still overall a happy child but sometimes she flips the switch and screeches! Sometimes it happens in a grocery store...its not pretty! Hopefully this won't last until she is 3...

Happy for the moment with Mommy's sunglasses...this only works for so long...

Along with her tantrums she has also started refusing to eat things we give her. This causes me high levels of anxiety. She used to basically eat anything we gave her but no more! Everyone assures me this is very normal for this age but it stresses me out none the less! Again...I'm just hoping this doesn't last for years...

Working on our spoon skills

Amelia LOVES Baby dolls! She has a cabbage patch doll from Nana, a Bitty Baby from Aunt Sarah and sleepy Baby that Great Grandma Beck gave her before she born. She is never without one of these babies! If for some reason she puts baby down she will run around the room shouting BABY until she finds her and then is very happy once baby is back in her arms. If it were up to her Baby would go everywhere that we go.

I mentioned that Amelia says "nye nye" when going to bed. She also uses this to communicate to us when she is tired. Its quite amazing. When Amelia is ready for a nap or to go to bed for the night she grabs baby, heads to her door and says "nye nye." We are very blessed to (usually)have no trouble putting her down. Sometimes Amelia plays "nye nye", she will put her head down on the couch or on my shoulder and say "nye nye" but then immediately pops back up, smiles and runs off. We can usually tell the difference between real "nye nye" and play "nye nye."

Speaking of naps. We are in a bit of a transitional period. Some days Amelia clearly needs a morning nap and others she is fine staying up and playing and taking one nap in the mid day. Most times she skips morning nap we are out and about so she is distracted. If we are home she almost always takes a morning nap. Nap lengths vary day to day...she has never been consistent with that. Oh well!

Amelia LOVES: opening and closing doors, walking Elle, taking lids off things and putting them back on, phones (or making everything into a phone), reading books (by herself and with Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa and, snacks, play dates.

Our new besties Shannon and Aiden

Amelia HATES: being washed during bath time, she loves playing in the bath but as soon as I bring out the washcloth she freaks out until I'm done. Same story with diaper changes, she freaks while I clean her up but is fine the minute I put the wipe away, not immediately getting what she wants...

Weight: right around 22 pounds according to a recent doctor visit, no idea on height
So many teeth, at least 12, working on Eye teeth
Clothes: Mostly 18 month with a few 12 Month and a few 24 Month/2T 
Diapers: Size 4 and some cloth 
Nursing: done! (full update to come!)

Our little baby is a toddler and is growing up every day. Eric reminded me the other night just how quickly its happening...I told him to stop!  :) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Cupcake 1st Birthday Party: the details

For Amelia's First Birthday party I wanted to do something simple and sweet, a theme, but nothing too crazy. After pinning away on Pinterest I was inspired by this invitation:

 I didn't want to have to print them myself so I showed the image to a good friend who designs invitations and she made a similar one for Amelia! Thank you Sara Theisen Design! (She also does INCREDIBLE baby announcements!)

I didn't go too crazy on decorations. I made everything and had fun doing it. I tend to get a little stressed out throwing parties so I didn't want to give myself too much to stress about. 

I made this birthday wreath out of tulle to hang on the door. It turned out great and was absolutely worth the time because I can replace the 1 with a 2, 3, 4, etc as the years go on. 

Inspiration found on Etsy but no longer available.

I made a photo banner using the monthly shots I took throughout the year to document her growth and I hung it on the mantel in the living room. I took some inspiration from Pinterest but I basically just winged it. 

I made several tissue poms using this tutorial

Above the food table covered with homemade goodies and purchased cupcakes I hung a homemade bunting flag banner that said "Happy Birthday Amelia."

We served homemade Oreo pops (made by Nana), hummus and crackers, fruit kabobs, a veggie tray, pinwheels and pigs in a blanket (made by Grandma Wagner). And of course the beautiful and delicious cupcakes from Cupcake Creations. 

I decorated Amelia's high chair for the infamous cake smash with a small banner stating "I AM 1"
 and a few balloons. 

Inspiration found here

I'd say the party was a (cake)SMASHING success! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Amelia's First Birthday Party

Amelia's First Birthday was wonderful. I'll give you all the little details in my next post but I wanted to share the beautiful birthday girl and all the wonderful people that helped us celebrate her BIG day.

The party started with some mingling and some snacking. 

Then Amelia got into her high chair for her smash (cup)cake!

Then, with the help of many little hands, we opened presents. So many presents! 

All in all it was an amazing night. My baby girl turned ONE, can you believe it? 

(Thank you Mark for taking all the pics!)

Friday, March 15, 2013

One Year Professional Pics

Monica outdid herself with Amelia's One Year photo shoot. I love EVERY SINGLE ONE but here are a few of our favorites.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


(ETA: This post was written Dec 2012...)

Warning: lengthy sentimental update ahead...

I'm not really sure how but somehow it happened...

My tiny sweet little baby girl turned into a walking (sometimes running) talking Toddler. 

We had an amazing First Birthday party which I hope to recap soon but for now here are 12 Things about my 12 Month Old (OK...almost 13 Month old...)

  1. Weight/Height: This I find very Amelia's 1 Year Well Check she weighed in at 20 lbs 14 oz (no surprise there, right on track with her recent gains) and was measured at 28.5 Inches tall....exactly what they measured her at her 9 Month Well Check. This makes no sense. They measured her twice so they think that she was measured incorrectly last time because I know for a FACT that she has grown in height since our last visit. I have several pairs of pants that she has grown out of in length to prove it! Either way the doc isn't worried and I know she is growing and tall so I'm not worried but it is very puzzling!
  2. Teeth: We have 8 teeth that have cut through but I KNOW she is working on several more including Molars. Last weekend we were at a Holiday get together at a friend's house who happens to be a Pediatric Dentist and I happened to look into Amelia's mouth and saw a dark spot right where a Molar will eventually be so I asked my friend about it and she said it was a something hemotoma and it means the Molar is going to cut through any minute now... unfortunately that was over a week ago and still no yeah...we are dealing with the joys of teething! 
  3. Walking: We officially have a walker (practically runner) on our hands! Amelia took her first steps at my mom's in late October , I had my mom stand her up and said come see mommy and she took 3 steps to me! She didn't really do it on her own for maybe a week or so after that but by her First Birthday she was walking all over the place. Just this past weekend she figured out how to stand up without using anything to assist her and she is basically running around like its no big deal. Its all happened so fast! Even though she can walk unassisted she still very much enjoys pushing her Walking Toy and chairs and boxes around rooms.
  4. Talking: Much like her momma Amelia is quite the little jabbermouth! Of course she does the usual toddler gibberish and even sings and squeals from time to time but she also has a good little sets of words that she is working on that we actually understand! So far her vocabulary includes: that (sounds a little like "dat" and is always joined with a finger pointed at what she wants), dada and daddy, mama (occasionally, not very often, sad face), dog or doggy (its ADORABLE, she gets a little high voice squeal when she says doggy, she LOVES Elle), Elle and Izzy (our dog and Nana's dog...not completely clear but you can tell what she is trying to say), Thai (her friend at daycare), ducky, dolly, uh oh. She is always mimicking the sounds we make or the inflections in our voice. 
  5. Word Recognition and Association: Although Amelia can only verbalize a few words I am convinced she understands most of what we say. We recently learned that if we ask her where her ball is she will go get it and bring it to us! (That's not the same as playing fetch with a dog right...) :)
  6. Eating/nursing/weaning: We are down to nursing first thing in the morning and right before bed. During the day Amelia drinks coconut milk or water. If I have to be away at bedtime she goes to bed without milk. At this point I feel pretty confident she isn't getting much...I think its more of a comfort thing than anything else. I feel like I am ready to wean at this point but I don't want to rush it for her sake, its a big change for her as its all she has known and I want it to be as natural as possible. Eating solid food is going pretty well. Most days she will eat just about anything you give her. She has her moments where she refuses but overall I am very happy. She still LOVES blueberries and black beans! 
  7. Hugs and Kisses: Amelia now gives hugs and kisses and it is WONDERFUL. The best is when she nestles in for a hug when you are holding her. If you ask her for a kiss or a hug she will usually oblige and she even gives her dolly and stuffed animals hugs and kisses. It is simply adorable!
  8. Separation Anxiety: Long story short...its happening.
  9. Schedule: Wake up around 6:15 and nurse, Breakfast at 8 w/Milk in cup, Nap at 9, Lunch around 11:30 w/Milk in cup, Nap at 1, Snack around  4 w/Water or Milk in cup, Dinner at 6 w/Water or Milk in cup, Nurse at 7:30, asleep by 8!
  10. Firsts: Cupcake (10/29/12 at 1st birthday photo shoot), Birthday Party!, Steps, real shoes
  11. Loves: Cell phones, computers and remote controls, FOOD!, reading books, sitting in her own chair
  12. Not so much: Diaper changes, sitting still, being confined, not getting what she wants 

Amelia Walking! 

Baby's First Halloween

For Amelia's first Halloween I wanted to do something simple and fun and I didn't want to spend a ton of money. I decided to make her costume. After a quick Pinterest search I decided on a ghost costume incorporating a tutu...because who doesn't love a tutu on a baby! It turned out better than I imagined and Amelia loved it. 

We didn't go trick or treating, Amelia was only 11 months old but I did take her to my work and to our monthly play group in the costume and it was a hit!