Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby W #2 is a...

If you didn't already know...

We had out anatomy ultrasound on Jan 14th. Eric and Amelia were convinced Baby #2 was a girl. I wasn't strongly convinced one way or the other but I thought maybe boy because of my different cravings and worse symptoms. Really we had no idea. :)

Amelia came along for the Ultrasound and the tech got right to work. Of course her first question was whether we wanted to know the sex and we said, "YES PLEASE!" It didn't take long to locate those three little lines...Eric knew before the tech even confirmed.

Baby Wagner #2 is....A GIRL!

We are all very excited to add another little girl to our growing family. I could not be more pleased to give Amelia a sister. I always wanted that growing up! (Not to mention we have everything we need for a girl!)

creepy yet awesome 3D US


I already have my nursery planned out (well the inspiration at least), now we just need a name!

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