Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby #2: 15 Weeks

Edited to add: written around 12/9/13

Time is suddenly going very fast in this pregnancy and I just realized I have yet to take a belly pic and I am scrambling to write a post at the last minute. (and missing several) When you throw a toddler in the mix you just don't focus on the pregnancy as much! Sometimes that's a good thing!


Well I am happy to report I am feeling MUCH better. I am still taking the Zofran and for the most part as long as I take it on time and eat every couple of hours I feel good. I am still having blood pressure issues and I seem to get light headed really easily, even when I have a full stomach. I have an appointment this Friday so we will see what the doc says about that. I'm still tired but that seems a little better this week as well. Overall I have felt more like myself this week and its very nice. 

I actually feel like I am starting to look pregnant. This pregnancy is so different, I still fit into all of my pre-preg clothes but I have a distinct little belly. I am actually hoping for a big growth spurt because as of right now I'm too small for maternity pants and they are so comfortable I just want to wear them! 


15 Weeks 
Still down 6 pounds by home scale, Doc apt Friday
Baby is the size of an apple
Symptoms are letting up

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  1. It's funny how that belly pops out sooner with the 2nd (and 3rd) baby! You look good :-) Congrats on the little one...I enjoy reading updates!