Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baby #2: 26 Weeks

Edited to add: written around 2/24/14..also I suck at taking pictures. Sorry Baby Girl!


GENDER: Team Pink, round 2!

WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS:  Per the doctor at 24 week checkup: up 3 pounds exactly, per my home scale as of today

STRETCH MARKS: Still none :)

SWELLING:  None to report.

MATERNITY CLOTHES:  YEP! I may never go back to regular pants.

BELLY BUTTON: Bigger and flatter yet!

SLEEP: I wake up 1-2 times a night to use the bathroom. I wake up if Amelia makes the slightest noise on the monitor. I wake up if Eric snores or turns on a light or does anything. Sometimes I fall right back asleep, sometimes I don't. Again, I am tired.

CRAVINGS: Nothing new to report.

SYMPTOMS:  Congested and runny nose -- this basically has lingered since the sinus infection but since I don't have any other "cold" symptoms I think it is just pregnancy related. I have also been having a lot of headaches lately.

MOVEMENT: I love the kicks so much and now you can fully see them on the outside. I like to have Amelia feel the movement, she gets a kick out of it.

WHAT I MISS:  Not feeling tired (i know...that's not getting better anytime soon) and the sun. I did get a little vitamin D yesterday with Amelia, it was 40 degrees!

WHAT I'M LOVING: being another week closer to meeting this girl!

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: A summer spent outside with my two girls. With the baby being due in early summer I'm really hoping we will get to enjoy the good weather while it is here!

BIG SIS UPDATE: We have started talking to Amelia about switching to a big girl bed so now every time I lay her down she says "soon Amelia will have a big girl bed like mommy and daddy and baby sister will sleep in Amelia's crib!" She seems pretty excited about it right now but we will see how she feels when it actually comes to fruition! She also drug out her Bumbo seat the other day to play with it and Daddy told her that her baby sister would be using that soon and she quickly replied, "NO! this is Amelia's, not baby sister's!" Sorry to break the bad news kid but basically everything that was Amelia's will soon be baby sister's...bummer huh? :)

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