Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby #2: 24 Weeks

Edited to add: written around 2/10/14

OK, I admit it…I have dropped the taking belly pictures/blogging ball on this one. I'm sorry Baby Girl #2, but its really hard to keep up with it. I will keep trying to update as often as I can and I PROMISE I will be better with updates about you when you enter this world! I have been seeing a lot of blogs follow a little outline with baby bump dates so I thought I would try that and see if I can stick it out through the rest of the pregnancy… wish me luck!


GENDER: Team Pink, round 2!

WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS:  I can finally report a positive number here, as of last appointment I am up 2 pounds!

STRETCH MARKS: None. I have been religiously slathering my belly in cocoa butter nightly…and sometimes daily.

SWELLING:  None to report. I had a little with Amelia towards the end so we shall see.

MATERNITY CLOTHES:  All day, every day. I didn't waste a minute this pregnancy getting into maternity clothes and I will be sad when the day comes I can no longer wear them. They are insanely comfortable!

BELLY BUTTON: Its not an outie per se, its more flat….and huge.

SLEEP: Sleep was going pretty well with the occasional nighttime potty break but this past week I have been struck with a lovely sinus infection which has made sleep a little rough. I have been waking up multiple times a night and staying awake for an hour or more each time. I am tired.

CRAVINGS: Still craving salty foods but nothing too crazy.

SYMPTOMS:  The all day and night nausea has passed. At this point I still feel a little queasy in the mornings and also If I don't eat every two hours. Other than that just tired…which this week is more due to illness than pregnancy.

MOVEMENT:  Baby Girl is moving and a grooving and I love it. She really gets going at night when I'm laying in bed.

WHAT I MISS:  BEER AND WINE AND THE SUN. I think the extreme cabin fever I am feeling is leading me to miss drinking MUCH more than last pregnancy.

WHAT I'M LOVING: Maternity clothes, sleep when I can get it, dessert without regret, tiny baby kicks, Amelia loving on the belly

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Again, I think its more due to the Polar Vortex but I feel like I am ready to get this show in the road and meet this baby. I think (and hope) that my patience will return when the weather gets a little better and we can actually go outside.

BIG SIS UPDATE: Amelia is adorable as usual whenever we talk about the baby. She now lifts up my shirt and pats my belly and tells me she wants to give the baby a kiss. It melts my heart. :)

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