Monday, November 5, 2012

10 Months Old!/11 Months Old!

Amelia is 11 months old!

With a trip to the beach, the Wagner's visiting SC AND a trip to Iowa I missed the 10 month update so we are doing 10 and 11 months together.

Can you believe my little baby will be 1 year old in less than a month? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? As if I even need to mention it but it is getting harder and harder to take that monthly you can see!

So much is going on...where to start....

Amelia is at a very fun stage. She is mobile and independent and LOVES to play but she is also loving and sweet and learning how to show her emotions.

Starting back in August she gained so much confidence with her pulling up. Now she pulls up every chance she can get and cruises along the furniture with ease.On September 9th she learned how to walk with her walking toy and she hasn't stopped since. Its the sweetest thing, she pushes it and walks and looks back at us with the biggest smile of pride I have ever seen. We clap and cheer and she walks along. She is so smart. When she first started walking with the toy she would walk it until she hit a dead end then get down and do something else. She has now learned how to walk to the other side of the toy, pull it out from the wall and push it from that other side! Unassisted walking is right around the corner. She has even stood alone for several seconds a hand full of times. She will be walking along the furniture and find a toy and pick it up with both hands...which means letting go of the furniture. Then she will either slowly ease into a sitting position (no falling down here!) or grab back onto the furniture.

(first time caught on video!)

Independent play has really increased in the Wagner house. Amelia loves playing with her puzzles, reading her boys and putting her shapes in the (holes?) She has hungry hippo type toy that has a circle, square and triangle hole with corresponding shapes. She has learned how to put the circle shape in its hole and how to get it back out of the hippo by pushing the button on top! She hasn't quite figured out the other shapes yet but she is working on it.

As I said above Amelia has learned how to show her emotions...both happy and not so happy, lol! She will now give kisses when asked and sometimes on her own accord. She even gives kisses to her toys and to the dog.She LOVES playing with Elle and petting her and giving her kisses. She leans in for the kiss and when Elle kisses back she giggles like crazy. Just this past week she started giving hugs.I picked her up and asked for a hug and she leaned in and squeezed! She has mastered "gimme five" and has really started mimicking the sounds we make. She talks and giggle like crazy pretty regularly and has started clicking her tongue and blowing raspberries.

Amelia now knows the sign for milk and asks to nurse. This is both awesome and terrifying as I have learned that she wants to nurse ALL THE TIME. I have NO idea how I am ever going to wean this child because man does she love it!

Here is what Amelia is up to at 11 months:

  • No idea on weight and height (had another ear infection and weight was just under 20 pounds but that was a few weeks ago)
  • still in size 3 diapers
  • mostly 12 month clothes, the occasional 9 month and the occasional 18 month
  • Still sleeping 7:30ish to 6:30ish (a few wake ups in the past few months I think due to being sick)
  • Tried Coconut milk for the first time!
  • Still a great eater, 3 meals and usually 1 snack a day
  • Still nursing...hope to cut it down to morning and night only once she is 1...we shall see...
  • First time at the beach: 9/2/12
  • First meat/spaghetti: 9/5/12
  • First time standing alone: 9/18/12
  • First flight: 9/22/12
  • First ISU football game: 9/29/12 (GO CLONES!)
  • 7 teeth! (I'm pretty sure working on a few more...)
  • Loves: reading books, walking along furniture, pushing chairs or push toys around the room, opening and shutting doors and gates, playing with Tupperware
  • Not so much: diaper changes, not getting her way, wiping her hands and mouth after meals

The first birthday is right around the corner...yikes! :) 

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