Monday, September 30, 2013

Life lately...

So this summer was kind of crazy and I basically dropped the blogging ball but I'm trying to get back in the swing so I thought I would do a quick recap of our crazy summer!

Over Memorial Day weekend my mom and Mark visited for a long weekend. It was so fun showing them the city we have come to love! We went to the Zoo (with Lauren, Freddy and Nora!) and the Children's Museum, we ate good food and we enjoyed their company. Apparently I took zero pictures...

In late May/early June we moved out of our 3rd Ward apartment, moved briefly into a hotel, packed up our South Carolina house and closed on and moved into our Wisconsin house. Wow! To say it was a crazy couple of weeks would be an understatement! Thankfully we had a lot of help from my mom and Mark while they visited during the transition between the apartment and the hotel and then from Bob and Mary Ann for the transition into the new house. Amelia is so lucky to such amazing grandparents!

We pretty much spent June unpacking our house. We also enjoyed Strawberry Festival in Cedarburg.

During July I volunteered for Legal Aid Society of Wisconsin in the Guardian Ad Litem program and Bob and Mary Ann took turns staying with us for several days at a time to watch Amelia. Again...what would we do without these people?!? We enjoyed our first Cedarburg 4th of July parade....they sit out on their chairs a day in advance! I was sworn in to the Wisconsin Bar on July 19th. I ran the Milwaukee Color Run with great new friends Shannon and Lisa.  We also experienced our first Summer Fest in Milwaukee.

In early August I headed a bit north to the French Rabbit Cottage to celebrate Abby's bachelorette weekend. We had way too much fun...  Then in mid august my mom came to stay for almost two weeks! We worked on projects around the house, we played, we ate, we attempted potty training (more on that soon I promise). We just enjoyed time spent with each other. Again...I apparently took no photos! Grr!

Late August/September brought about SO MUCH travel. After a spectacular night at the Milwaukee County Zoo for the Charter Steel Company picnic we drove to DSM, then to Kansas City for a baby shower for Becah and 30th birthday celebration for Amy.  Then over Labor Day weekend we went to Chicago for a comedy festival with Tyler and Lisa Anderson. The next weekend we headed back to Chicago for Eric to golf in a charity golf tournament while Amelia and I hung out with the Anderson ladies. Somewhere in there we spent an afternoon in Chicago with the Texas Becks and Abby and Laz! Amelia fell absolutely in love with Charlotte! Amelia also enjoyed her first Brewer's game!

The next weekend we took out little crew to Ames, IA for the Iowa/Iowa State football game. The Wagner's toted around Amelia so we could hang out with our friends. We played some bags...did several shot skis and all around had a great time cheering on our alma mater...even if we did lose!

Amelia and I spent the week in DSM then traveled with the Wagner's to Chicago for Abby and Laz's wedding and that about brings us up to date!

What a summer! Can't wait for the next adventure!

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