Thursday, November 24, 2011

1 Week Old

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Amelia is 1 week old today! 

Friday night daddy was so tired that he fell asleep during a very exciting Iowa State football game. We ended up beating OK State, the number two team in the nation! This was a huge win for Iowa State, not just because we beat number two but we also became bowl eligible! Amelia wore her new Iowa State hat as a good luck charm! I guess it worked!

We came home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. We were so happy to be back in our own home and our own bed! We pretty much spent the afternoon resting as we didn't get a whole lot of sleep the night before. (Daddy got a little more than mommy)

Elle meeting Amelia went really well. She pretty much just sniffed her and moved on. :) She doesn't seem to be bothered if Amelia cries and will lay with her if she is being held by me or Eric...I'm sure more out of jealousy but still!

We cannot get over how incredible this little girl is! She is so strong and already holding her neck up. She has a killer grip as well. She is already rolling around and will be rolling over before we know it! She is sleeping a lot during the day and the nights have been a little good and a little bad. We seem to be on an every other night schedule. One night she will sleep for 3-4 hours between feedings giving mommy plenty of good sleep...the next she will hardly sleep all night leaving mommy very cranky in the morning. We have been using the Summer Infant Swaddle Me and it works pretty well. She doesn't particularly enjoy the act of swaddling but once she is all bundled up she seems very content.  She is currently sleeping in a bassinet next to the bed. We have learned that daddy can sleep through all crying, which is good for when he goes back to work but annoys mommy to no end! Even though the crying doesn't wake daddy up he has been very helpful in handling late night diaper changes and burping.

On Monday we took Amelia on her first walk. We didn't make it too far because I was still pretty sore but Amelia did great!

On Tuesday Grandma and Grandpa Wagner arrived from Iowa and met Baby Amelia for the first time. 

On Wednesday we took Amelia to her first doctor's appointment since leaving the hospital.  Amelia is already growing like a champ! She weighed in at 7 pounds 11.5 ounces. The doctor said it is a two week milestone to pass birth weight, our little girl is so advanced! She measured 20.5 inches. Although this is almost an inch more than when she was measured at the hospital the nurse said she may have still been scrunched up from birth when they first measured her. Either way we were very proud of her growth! She goes back next week and then doesn't go back until the dreaded 2 month appointment where she will start her shots. I have a feeling mommy will have a harder time with that than Amelia...

On Thursday Aunt Abby arrived from Chicago. She was very excited to meet Amelia. Since Abby didn't arrive until Thursday (Thanksgiving) afternoon we decided to celebrate the holiday on Friday this year. I'm a little bummed to be missing out of Black Friday shopping but I guess she's worth it. :)

How am I doing? Surprisingly well, I'm still sore and very tired but I'm really happy with my recovery and with my weight loss. At Amelia's one week check up I was already down about 14-15 pounds! It is crazy how much my belly has gone down since we left the hospital! Here is me at 39 weeks 3 days and me 1 week after delivery...big difference! (I'm not going to post pics of me every week, maybe again at one month if I'm happy with it! :) )

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