Sunday, December 4, 2011

2 Weeks Old

Two weeks already, I can hardly believe it!

We celebrated Thanksgiving on the Friday after this year due to Eric's sister's flight schedule. I don't think Amelia knew what was going on but everyone enjoyed seeing her and spending the holiday with her. In fact, this was the first Thanksgiving in years that Fesslers and Wagners were at the same table. It was so nice to spend the holiday with family members from both sides! All we were missing was my dad and brother, wish they could have been here too!

On Saturday Amelia had her newborn photo shoot. IT WAS SO INCREDIBLY FUN. I seriously could do that everyday, I wish it was my job! Amelia looked so beautiful and did so well!!! (read...she didn't poo or pee on anything or anyone, LOL) I cannot wait to see how they turn out. Grandma Wagner joined us for the shoot, don't worry Grandma Fessler, you can come to the 3 month shoot! :)

Saturday night was the Wagner's last night so we went out to dinner...first time since Amelia's birth. She did great and slept the whole time and mommy got to enjoy her favorite seasonal local beer! We also took a whole lot of family photos! Abby left Monday after cooking us some yummy new vegan dishes....OMG Mama Peas Dough Balls are incredible...I'm still nibbling the leftover dough! (No eggs so its safe to eat raw in large quantities...but dangerous for my waistline!)

Tuesday marked Mommy and Amelia's first day home by ourselves. It was tough, time seemed to fly by but not in a good way. I didn't really get anything done but feeding Amelia, playing with Amelia (as much as one can play with a two week old) and getting Amelia to sleep. I tried to nap when she slept and was semi successful! We also had a few visitors over the next few days. Two of my very pregnant friends Amy and Allison each stopped by to meet Amelia. Amelia can't wait to meet her new friends, hurry up Baby Birch and Baby Pingley!

How am I doing? Great! My belly has gone WAY down and I'm feeling better every day. Still exhausted...more from lack of sleep at this point than labor!

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