Thursday, December 29, 2011

6 Weeks

6 Weeks old!

Amelia is growing like a weed! On Friday we had a check up at the doctor's office and found out she already weighs 9 pounds 15 ounces! Up over two pounds from her birth weight, unbelievable! We also found out at the doctor that Amelia has a touch of thrush and possibly fun but we are taking care of it and it could be an explanation to the crazy sleep schedule we were having. No newborn sleeps perfectly but we were in a bit of a tailspin there for a few days. We are doing MUCH better now...even got a 5 hour stretch on Christmas Eve night! Amelia must have wanted Santa to bring her lots of presents or something! Ha! Hopefully it continues!

As I said in my last post the Wagner's are in town to celebrate Christmas. Aunt Abby arrived on Friday and we did our usual Wagner Christmas tradition of presents and appetizers on Christmas Eve night. Everyone had a great time and we all received some incredible gifts. Grandma and Grandpa Wagner gave Amelia her first savings bond! Its never to early to start saving for college!  On Christmas day my mom came over and we did our presents and had an incredible meal and played monopoly! Eric complained as usual (he hates monopoly because it takes 100 years to play...) but we had a great time! :) Amelia got an AWESOME activity gym that we can't wait to use for lots of tummy time from Grandma Fessler!

Aunt Abby let Amelia open her baptism gift a little early. Its a beautiful print from Etsy that will go perfectly on her picture wall. Its an incredible quote and the perfect gift.

(yes that is me in the reflection...a master photographer I am not...and the bear on the right is Morferd...Eric's childhood bear the Wagner's brought for Amelia )

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