Monday, December 5, 2011

3 Weeks Old

Amelia is 3 weeks old today!

Time is flying and although I am really looking forward to the days when a smile is on purpose and we can actually play and read books I really don't want this time together to go by so fast! (especially since I have to go back to work!)

Things have really changed in the last week. Amelia is awake and alert A LOT more, in fact, some days instead of trying to keep her awake like we were in the first week we have a hard time getting her to nap during the day! She has also really found her voice and is crying A LOT more as well. I have done a lot of reading that 2-3 weeks can be a difficult time as babies typically go through a growth spurt and therefore want to eat SO MUCH MORE and cry a lot more. Most of my blogger friends seemed to feel like 3-4 weeks was a lot better so we are really looking forward to that. We have had quite a few rough nights, waking up every 2 hours (not totally uncommon at 2 weeks old) but then not going right back to sleep after a feeding. Sometimes we are up for 2 hours at a time in the middle of the night which is really hard on me. Amelia also has a really bad habit of dirtying her diaper right after I change her while she is eating...which means I have to change her again and use a wipe...which wakes her right up! I think we need to invest in a wipe warmer to make this work a little easier at night! We have had a great night here and there, she even slept for a 5 hour 20 minute stretch one night!

Although this week has been a little harder than the last two it is also INCREDIBLE to see her big (blue? hazel? brown?) eyes open and aware! She is smiling so much more (even if its not on purpose) and is super cuddly. She is also crazy strong! She can really hold her neck up and enjoys small spurts of tummy time!

This week my mom and I took Amelia out for her first shopping trip for 4 whole hours out of the house! She did great. She definitely got a little fussy after being in the infant seat for a long period of time, I took her out and held her for awhile in Target and then fed her in the car :) and that seemed to help!

We had a few visitors this week and some wonderful friends brought us dinner Sunday night. Thanks Zare family! Morgan Zare was just born a few short months ago but looks so much bigger and older than Amelia. Its crazy to think when they grow up they will seem the exact same age but right now they look worlds apart! I CANNOT believe my tiny baby will be so much bigger before we know it.

We put our first real Christmas tree up this year. I made Eric promise me that if we had to spend Christmas in South Carolina I at least needed a real tree! Two extra special ornaments will grace our tree this year from Grandma Fessler and Grandma and Grandpa Wagner!

Elle is doing really well with Amelia. We can tell she is a little jealous but she is very sweet to Amelia and hasn't been too crazy or acted out in any way. She does seem to think the Boppy is hers!

One more pic...because she is so stinkin cute! I would love to know what she is thinking here...probably why are you taking my picture again Mommy! :)

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