Monday, January 2, 2012

7 Weeks

(a little late!)

7 weeks already! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Married 4 years! 

Amelia is smiling more and more and she now responds to our actions with smiles. She likes when daddy taps her nose and says "boop boop boop" and when mommy traces around her mouth and nose.  Her neck is really strong and hardly flailing around like it used to. She still doesn't love tummy time but her playmat helps! Her awake and happy time in increasing and she is sleeping less and less...sometimes too little during the day! We are trying to work on our daytime naps to get them into more of a routine. Nighttime is going soooooo much better. We consistently get a 4-6 hour stretch of sleep and then somewhere between 1-3 hours. Now that we have the long stretch down we need to work on another long stretch after she wakes up the first time. I think she is too sleepy and not eating enough because she often wakes up after an hour  or an hour and a half.  Amelia LOVES bath time. If she is fussy before her bath (which she usually is as evening is her fussy time) she immediately relaxes once the water hits her skin!

We watched Iowa State LOSE to Rutgers at Buffalo Wild Wings. Amelia was not impressed.

This week Amelia experienced her first New Years celebration! We spent the evening with a great group of friends at the Oakley's. It was a blast and Amelia did great. She hung out with the group until her normal bedtime then went down in the pack and play and slept until it was time to go home. I fed her again when we got home and she went right back to sleep!

On New Years Day Amelia and I watched daddy and some of his friends jump into a lake for charity at The Paris Mountain Polar Plunge! Afterwards we walked the path around the lake with Amelia in the Ergo. She slept the whole time!

Ive started taking Amelia to my moms while I go to yoga a few days a week. It's a nice break for some mommy time plus it gets Amelia used to daycare! When I go back to work (boo) my mom will watch Amelia. It really is the best back to work scenario, she's with my mom and gets to be around other kids!

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