Friday, January 20, 2012

8 Weeks

(still late...almost caught up!)
I'm 8 weeks old!

This week has been A LOT of firsts! Amelia had her first "smile in response" last week and she has kept it up this week as well! On 1/6/12 Amelia officially "slept through the night" for the first time. Now if you are not a mommy you may not know what that actually means...apparently sleeping 6-7 hours straight means sleeping through the night so although we did not get a full nights sleep and she did wake up once to eat she did sleep for 7 hours straight for the first time! To continue the milestones we moved Amelia to her crib on 1/7/12. She did great! Not 7 hours the first night but at least 5! We seem to have gotten nighttime sleep down. She gives us at least 5 hours every night and has gotten all the way up to 7.5! Our bedtime routine is incredibly lengthy and some nights it takes her quite awhile to fall asleep which can be very frustrating! We are still working on naps. She still HATES the swaddle but I'm convinced she won't sleep as long if we stop using it. Plus I think her hands will be too cold without it if we only use a sleep sack.


We took Amelia on a 3.5 mile hike in the Ergo for the first time. (we went for a short walk around the lake the week before in the Ergo but this was a real hike!)

Amelia likes to lay on her back on her playmat and stare at herself in the mirror. She still doesn't love tummy time but I try to make her do it at least once a day to strengthen her neck and encourage her to roll over. Sometimes it seems like she is really close to rolling from tummy to back but we aren't there quite yet.

Amelia also likes to lay in mommy and daddy's bed and stare at the ceiling fan.

She has started to find her hands but can't quite keep them in her mouth just yet. She still doesn't take to the paci very well so we are all looking forward to the day when she can self sooth with her fingers.

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