Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 and 11 Weeks

10 Weeks

11 Weeks

Amelia is growing and developing before my very eyes! She is smiling and cooing and almost laughing...any day now! I love to sit Amelia in my laugh and listen to her "talk" to me about her day. She has found both hands and gets them to her mouth on a regular basis. Speaking of mouths...Amelia has really started drooling! This is apparently an early sign of teething, some babies start teething as early as one month!  Amelia takes the paci from time to time to help ease her to sleep. Speaking of sleep things are going pretty well! (fingers crossed) We only get up once during the night to eat (most of the time) and the long stretch seems to be growing. She even made it 9.5 hours one night! YAY! Most nights its closer to 7 hours but that is still great! She does so well during her nighttime feedings now and eats and goes right back to sleep. Sometimes with the help of the paci, sometimes not. We have even stopped swaddling her arms entirely. She loves having them out so she can suck on her fingers and move around. 

Naps are still an issue. She is going down for naps really well. She fusses a bit but usually will take the paci and fall right asleep...for 30 minutes. Every time, at 30 minutes on the dot she wakes up! I can usually pop in the paci and soothe her back to sleep...for another 30 minutes. There must be something in her sleep cycle that wakes her at 30 minutes. It doesn't seem to happen at night though (knock on wood!) so who knows! 

I'm still taking Amelia to my moms a few days a week and sometimes she sits in a bouncer seat that has a little blue bird. Amelia LOVES to talk to the little bird! There are also two toys hanging down at arms reach that you pull down to make the blue bird spin. Amelia has started grasping the toys! She doesn't have the strength to pull them down but I swear she knows that what you do and has tried to do it! 

She still isn't the biggest fan of tummy time. She does ok on our chests but cries every time we put her on her tummy on the mat. We have started to sit her in the Bumbo seat for short amounts of time. She does really well!

My best friend Amy and her husband John and 10 month old daughter Ava came to visit this past weekend. It was so nice to see them and to see how much Ava has grown! The last time I saw her she was just about a month older than Amelia and she has changed so much. She is laughing and playing and almost walking! Amy and I realized that Ava and Amelia are the same number of month apart as Amy and I are. Hopefully the girls will grow up to be good friends! 

We took the girls on a hike on our favorite trail. Amelia did pretty well, she was awake for about half and loving taking in all the sites. She took a little nap and then decided she was over the Ergo and daddy carried her for the last bit.  Ava did great! 

The night before Amy and family headed home the adults went out for dinner and drinks that turned into a crazy dance party at Rome...the "nightclub" in town. It was such a blast but we paid for it the next day. The thing about going out when you have a baby at home is that you still have to get up with them the next morning! LOL Amelia was nice to mommy and daddy and napped really well though, I think she knew we needed a break. 


  1. She looks just like you sitting in that Bumbo! Glad yall were able to go out and enjoy Rome! Always a good time :)

  2. So glad you guys got to go out and enjoy each other. And the babies look adorable and ready to take on the world together just as you and Amy did...