Saturday, May 26, 2012

Solid food!

On 4/28/12 Amelia tried her first solid food! We did a lot of research and decided we would try a combination of baby led weaning and purees and see what worked best for our family. We also decided that we would be forgoing the traditional rice cereal most families start with and feeding Amelia real food and whole grains.

First up was avocado! We decided we would try The baby led weaning approach and gave her hand held size strips. She had a hard time keeping the slippery pieces in her hands but overall she seemed to enjoy it! I'm not sure she actually ate too much but it was a fun experience!

Next up was banana, again we went with the BLW approach. Things pretty much went the same as they did with the avocado. She was interested but didn't actually eat all that much.

Next we decided to try oatmeal with the spoon. What a hit! She immediately started squealing with delight when the oatmeal touched her tongue! She slurped it down like champ! She wanted to hold the spoon herself and did a great job of bringing it to her mouth.

Next up was pureed sweet potato and it was another huge success. Although she made crazy faces and didn't squeal quite as much as she did for the oatmeal oddly enough she kept opening her mouth big for more!

Overall we have really been enjoying exploring solid foods with Amelia. We are taking it slow, she still has a bit of a tongue thrust reflex, but plan to keep trying new foods!

Our little girl is growing up so fast!

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