Monday, June 11, 2012

6 months old!

(yes I am aware she is almost 7 months old...but here is her 6 month update!)

How is my sweet baby girl 6 months old already?

Time has flown by. It is honestly getting hard to remember the early days...and labor is a blur...I think that's god's way of helping us want to have more children. :)

Amelia is growing like a weed, at her 6 month well visit she was 15 lbs 3 ounces (26th percentile) and 26 and 3/4 inches ( ?? percentile). She is still so long and lean! People are surprised when I tell them she is 6 (and a 1/2) months old, one woman even asked me if she was a preemie! I tell them no, she is just destined to be a super model, tall and thin! Despite her low percentile in weight she is as chunky as ever! She has the perfect little chunky baby thighs and the rolls on her arms are perfect!

We have had quite a month! Several firsts...some good and some bad.

  • first ear infection (4/27/12)
  • first trip to the ER
  • first solid food (4/28/12) -- at this point she has had avocado, banana, oatmeal cereal, yogurt, applesauce and watermelon! This week we are trying carrots and pears! All the fruits and veggies have been homemade except the applesauce and she has really enjoyed everything!
  • first baby pool experience
  • first zoo trip

Here's what Amelia is up to at 6 months!

  • wears size 2 diapers and mostly 6 month clothes, still fits a few 3-6 month pieces and we wear a few 6-9 month pieces but they are really a little too big!
  • nurses 5-6 times a day...occasionally only 4 on the weekends if her naps extend
  • Sleeping pretty well (knock on wood), nurses for the last time around 7 and goes down around 30 minutes later and sleeps until morning...sometimes that means 5 and she eats and goes back down and sometimes that means between 6 and 7 and she is up for the day. We have the occasional night waking but its more the exception than the norm now! (fingers crossed I didn't just jinx it!!!)
  • 2 teeth! (bottom two)
  • LOVES solid food... eating lunch and dinner everyday, lunch is usually oatmeal and fruit and dinner is usually veggies and fruit and sometimes yogurt!
  • LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....(whoever invented that show must have a degree in child development because she could care less about TV but then we put on Mickey and her face lights up and she smiles and coos...its crazy!)
  • sucks her thumb and pointer finger (together) on the regular...its crazy, its never her thumb by itself...
  • on that note...completely refuses the pacifier, unless to use it as a toy
  • sits up like a champ, shes not perfectly stable just yet so we usually stick the boppy behind her, she sometimes tips over if she gets really excited or if she has to reach extra far for a toy. She is getting better and getting herself back to sitting when she leans back on the boppy
  • laughs and giggles like crazy...we got a great video I need to post
  • Loves Peek-a-Boo...I have yet to catch this on video but I really need to, she is so good at it!
  • talks and laughs all the time, we are working on dadada and mamama but no luck just yet!
  • Loves keys and links...but loves cell phones and remote controls even more...
  • Loves going to daycare at Grandmas, she smiles as soon as we walk in the door and it makes it a lot easier to leave her everyday knowing she is happy and safe!
  • Had a great visit with Grandma Wagner...we are getting sooooo excited for our Tenn lake trip over 4th of July!
  • Not crawling just yet but I would say its not too far off, if you put a toy just out of her reach you can see her little mind working hard trying to figure out how to get to it! (if she can roll to it she will!)

We are really enjoying this time in Amelia's life!

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