Saturday, June 23, 2012

7 months old!

Amelia is 7 months old and amazes me everyday!

And man have things changed around here...

watch out world...we have a mobile baby on our hands!

I feel like I say this every month but so much has happened in the last month! Amelia now sits totally unsupported and can reach for toys and steady herself without automatically falling! She does still tumble over from time to time but sometimes she tumbles on purpose because she can now "army crawl!" That's right, Amelia is mobile! Just last weekend she started making the motion to move but within a few days she has it all figured out. She isn't officially crawling and she really isn't even using her legs but shes moving pretty swiftly. She basically uses her arms to drag her body forward and most of the time her tummy stays on the floor but she is starting to lift it sometimes and I'm sure the use of legs and true crawling are not far behind. Every day I am shocked and amazed by how much she has grown up. She isn't a little newborn anymore!

This past weekend was Father's Day and Amelia gave Eric a pretty great gift, she now regularly says dadadadada! (I'm only mildly upset that dada beat out mama as her first word) :) She started around 6/10 say dah.....dah....dah and within a few days that turned into dadadadad. Although it is her only word and she says it all the time whether Eric is around or not I do think she knows he is dada. If we ask her where dada is she looks immediately to Eric and she says dada with a lot more excitement when she sees him. I'm working on mama...

6-7 months has been an awesome age. They say as babies grow each stage will be better than the last and be "your favorite age" until you reach the next. So far that is absolutely true for our little family. We love that Amelia is more independent and can play by herself but we also love how much we can interact with her. I'm sure it only gets better from here!

Amelia, Cooper Cheek and Mackenzie Mannix

Other than her major milestones above, here is what Amelia is up to at 7 months:

  • weight: (as of 6/19 -- unfortunately we have ANOTHER ear infection!) 15 lbs, 12.5 ounces (not sure of height and head, next appointment at 9 months...hopefully)
  • still in size 2 diapers, mostly 6 month clothes, starting to fit the 6-12 month variety and some 6-9 month clothes
  • nurses (or gets a bottle of breast milk) 4-5 times a day depending on her naps
  • naps 2-3 times a day...would love to get it to two long naps!
  • (knock on wood) Goes to sleep around 7:30PM and wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. (knock on wood!!!)
  • eating two meals a day in addition to nursing...usually oatmeal and fruit for lunch and fruit, veg and sometimes yogurt for dinner. We are starting to give her some finger foods as well.
  • working on that pincer grasp but we arnt quite there...she tried some organic baby puffs but they were a little two small for her to figure out how to get them in her mouth...she loves the Earth's Best Organic Pop Snax as they are a little larger and easy to manage.
  • LOVES baby Mum Mum rice crackers...simply devours them! :)
  • Rides in the stroller, sits in a highchair and sits in a grocery cart like a big girl! She loves her cart/highchair cover that Grandma Wagner made her!
  • Loves books, links, keys ......cell phones, remote controls...:) and everything goes immediately into her mouth!
  • Loves running with mom or dad in our new BOB Jogging Stroller!
  • She has really started noticing and interacting with Elle! She laughs like crazy and talks to her and smiles at her...she also grabs her hair, her tail and her eyeballs...good thing Elle is very patient and doesn't seem to mind!
  • She has also started noticing other babies or little kids when we are out and about and she loves them!

Amelia is growing up, this month we are officially closer to one year old than birth and I cant believe it. We love our sweet girl more than words can even express and we can't wait to see what the next month holds!

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