Friday, July 27, 2012

A whole lot of babies!

Last month (June) I started a monthly mommy baby playgroup get together with a bunch of my local new mom friends. Its INCREDIBLE how many people we know that have had babies within a few months of Amelia's birth. We even have one friend that had a baby 5 days after Amelia! Last month was at our house and we failed to get a group shot as our hostess (Amelia...) got a little overwhelmed by the party apparently and had to go down for a nap before everyone even left!

This month we went to the Rousey household and we had a BLAST. Jefferson has the best toys! We almost had a repeat of last month as Jefferson pulled an Amelia and had to go down for a nap while we played but apparently he only needed a quick breather to get himself together because he was back within a half hour and we were able to snap a quick pick of the SEVEN babies that were present! Let me tell is really hard to get a picture of seven babies...especially when a few of them are crawling and trying to get away! I managed to get a few good shots! We are really enjoying our new playgroup and we can't wait for next month!

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