Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday Eric!

On April 18th Eric turned the BIG 3-0! Since we are back in the Midwest and near so many of our great college friends I decided (with A LOT of help from Bob and Mary Ann) to throw Eric a surprise party to celebrate this momentous occasion! It was very difficult for me to keep this from Eric. Multiple times I almost said something and unfortunately he did end up seeing an email that tipped him off that I was doing SOMETHING but in the end he claims he had no idea when where or what so was very surprised the day it happened. 

Eric's mom's birthday is April 13th and Abby was having a bridal shower in WDSM that weekend so we would already be traveling to Iowa so it just made sense to do it then. We planned for weeks and the day of went off without a hitch. Bob and Mary Ann usually attend the 4:30 Mass on Saturdays so this particular Saturday Abby and I told Eric we needed to go to a bridal fitting and that we couldn't attend Mass. Eric, his parents and Amelia went to Mass and were planning to meet us after for dinner celebrating Mary Ann's birthday at The Chicken Coop's new location...Mary Ann had heard there food was to die for. :) Abby and I went to the location early...and I cannot say enough about the staff...because they said they didn't take reservations but they went ahead and reserved an area for us anyways. Abby and I decorated, ordered a couple pitchers of beers and a few apps and waited for the guests to arrive. 

Thankfully everyone showed up on time and when Eric walked in the door and saw our huge group he was happily surprised. 

Mary Ann and Bob stayed for a bit with Amelia and then retired for the night while the "kids" (we are 30...not sure if we are still kids...) stayed out and had fun, Iowa State style...meaning we played drinking games until we (literally) closed down the bar! 

What a fun night! Happy Birthday Eric! 

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  1. You are right. It was an excellent night. :D