Monday, May 27, 2013

Momfession: I am an extended breastfeeder.

As I write this it has been over two months since I have breastfed Amelia. There was a time when I thought I would never be ready for that day... Then when I finally was ready I thought Amelia would never want to be done. My breast feeding journey was tough. It was tough on me, it was tough on Eric and at times it was tough on Amelia. As much as I am a HUGE breast feeding advocate I will never judge another mother after my journey. The problem is we just expect that breast feeding is going to work , it's natural right? But I think it's a lot harder than most people realize and as a country we don't educate or even talk about breast feeding until right before you have a baby, then it's just one quick class telling you it's good for the baby and hold the baby like this. It's not enough. I think if more mothers knew that its hard and you will have to WORK and its emotional...well maybe they would be better prepared. Thankfully it got better for me and we made it to 16 months...longer than I even imagined. Who knew I would be into extended breast feeding? Overall I am very happy that we made it through our journey and hopefully Amelia is too. I plan to do the same for future children but you know what they say about plans...

I remember before I had kids I would joke and make fun when I heard about people breastfeeding toddlers. Honestly, It just seemed weird and funny. I hadn't actually ever seen someone do it, I only saw it on TV. You may have seen the movie "Grown Ups?" In that movie a small child runs up to his mother and asks for milk and she pulls out her breast and sticks it in his mouth in front of all of her husbands friends. They all stare in awe as this happens. One dad asks the child's father how old the sweet boy is and the father says 48 months and the friend 4?

I distinctly remember laughing at that scene along with everyone else. I'm not saying I plan to nurse any children until age 4, I'm just saying I stopped judging a mom who wants to do it. I fully believe breast milk is better for kids than cow's milk and I get how its hard to stop, its an emotional bond for momma and baby. So whats the point of all this rambling? Do what is right for your family, whatever that may be! And try not to judge another mom,  we are hard enough on ourselves, I promise.

So how did I make it 16 months you ask? A LOT of support from my lactation consultant, my OBGYN, my friends, my Facebook/twitter friends, my family and SO MUCH SUPPORT FROM ERIC. Plus the help of glactagogues like fenugreek and blessed thistle; stout beer, oatmeal and eventually reglan/domperidone. I'll let you do your own research as to what may help you but I encourage you to do the research and ask for help because BREASTFEEDING IS HARD. (there I said it out loud) 

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