Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!


I thought it was pretty fitting that I am exactly 12 weeks pregnant on my first ever Mother's Day. No I don't have a baby boy or baby girl to hold in my arms this Mother's Day but I am a mother. There is a little one inside me that is my child and it reminds me it is there every single day. They say that a woman becomes a mother the day she finds out she is pregnant and a man becomes a dad the day the child is born. I get that. And I don't fault the men out there for not truly feeling like a father until the baby is out in the world. But to me this was a pretty special day, not only because it is technically my first Mother's Day, but also because it is the first Mother's Day in the last 6 years that I actually got to spend with my mother. We had an amazing day doing all sorts of fun and girly things. We got mani/pedis, we shopped (checked out some maternity wear, eek!) and we saw a girly movie. It was perfect!

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