Tuesday, May 31, 2011

15 Weeks

How the baby is growing:

This week Baby W measures 4 inches long, about the size of an apple, and weighs two and one half ounces!
How I am changing:

The baby belly is steadily growing making my clothing tighter and tighter. I still have one pair of shorts I can button and one pair of very stretchy jeans but that's about it! I am trying to buy more maternity clothes and pretty soon I will make the full transition. Right now I am still wearing the belly band with my regular work pants and shorts that wont button. I have started wearing some maternity tops as I am finding I am no longer fitting into many of my regular tops due to a certain growth spurt...if you know what I mean! Thankfully I do have several looser fitting tops that should help me get through at least the next month or two!

This week was pretty good in terms of nausea and sickness....until Memorial Day Monday. Unfortunately I had not one, not two but three bouts of sickness that ended in me not getting to enjoy homemade fried chicken and squash casserole for dinner! Not fair! My appetite is pretty much the same as last week. All I really want to eat is carbs! Bland boring carbs. Not very exciting. I try to make sure to eat fruits and veggies to keep Baby W healthy but honestly its a struggle. I don't even want Brussels Sprouts! (I happen to LOVE Brussels Sprouts even though everyone else in the world thinks they are awful...they just don't cook them right!)

I saw the doctor again Thursday for my monthly check up. Everything looked good. Baby W's little heart is still beating away at 162 beats per minutes! Still on the fast end. Eric has decided that Baby W is actually a boy because all the signs point to a girl! Who knows! We will find out in about 5 weeks!

This weekend we are going to a birthday party for a friend's one year old. I can't wait to give all of our friends babies a new buddy to play with!

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  1. Mmm... brussel sprouts. Did I make those for you the first time?