Monday, October 17, 2011

35 Weeks and my absenteeism...

So I have been a little MIA the last few weeks...between two awful sickness weeks, THREE baby showers, a garage sale, out of town visitors and other crazy happenings I let the blogging slip...but I'm back with an update now! Better late than never!

How the baby is growing:

This week Baby Girl W tips the scales at 5 and 1/4 pounds and measures about 18 inches, about the feel of a honeydew melon!

How I am changing:

Where to begin. Lets just say it has been a long few weeks. As you know if you have kept up with my pregnancy I was pretty sick from about 7 weeks until at least 18 weeks. It seemed to taper off and be an "every once in awhile" thing at that point. Well...about two or three weeks ago I started getting sick again, only this time it was different. When I was really sick in the first trimester the doctor prescribed me Zofran. Its essentially an anti-nausea medicine, it didn't make me feel perfect but if I set my alarm for 30 minutes before I had to get up and took the pill I did not throw up when I actually got out of bed. When I started feeling better I stopped taking the pill everyday and moved to an "as needed" basis. Eventually as needed became never, something I was very happy with! When I started getting sick a few weeks ago I tried taking the pill...but it didn't help. Several times I would take the pill and get sick not 30 minutes later. Plus I was feeling weak and light headed and even dizzy at times. The doc even sent me in for a non stress test, just in case. Everything was fine, baby is great. They did all the regular tests at my appointment, blood pressure, blood draw, etc....nothing is wrong. The answer...probably just pregnancy hormones raging. Awesome. Do not get me wrong, I would NEVER want anything to be wrong but its a little hard to hear that its just pregnancy and I might be sick for 7 more weeks! Luckily in the last week things seem to have gotten better. Again, not perfect, but better and I will take what I can get!

The heartburn is still raging and getting worse at night before bed. I am LIVING off of Tums Smoothies! On the bright side I do not seem to have heartburn on days when I have nausea. Just one of god's little blessings! 

I have been feel a whole lot more fatigue these days. I think it is a combination of the extra activities I ahve had going on and the fact that I am 35 weeks pregnant! Its gets hard to carry around a little person all day! LOL! I have only almost fell asleep at work once or big deal! 

The belly is growing and growing! Although many people tell me I am quite small for how far along I am it is still quite a change in my body that feels huge to me! Sometimes it still catches me off guard! Here is the belly at 33 weeks and at 35 weeks since I missed a few posts:

33 Weeks

35 Weeks

I am still feeling Baby Girl move and kick like crazy! She also seems to get the hiccups about once a day! I honestly don't mind it one bit...unless I am trying to go to sleep! Babycenter tells me that she will be changing positions less due to her size in the uterus. She is hopefully head down (I'm going to see if the doc can tell at my appointment on Thursday) and getting ready to drop! If you look at the last two weeks it kind of appears that I may have begun to drop but its hard to tell because the pics are exactly to scale! We try but its hard! 

The fun stuff:

We have been blessed with THREE Baby Showers over the last month and each was amazing. I plan to do a separate post recapping then but a BIG thank you to my co-workers, my incredible Greenville friends and Spartanburg friends.

This past weekend my bestie Chrisoula and her husband came up to visit from Florida for our baby shower. We had an amazing (and EXHAUSTING!) weekend. We celebrated Baby Girl W ( in costume) on Saturday and went to Fall for Greenville on Sunday, my FAVORITE fall festival. It was so nice to be able to spend some time with them before the Baby comes. Hopefully the next time they visit we will have a little one. (They are hoping to stop by on their way home from Thanksgiving in North Carolina!)

Some great news! Another wonderful friend Lauren had her baby girl Nora FOUR WEEKS EARLY! Nora Mary Elizabeth Mersberger is here and doing great! Congrats Lauren and Freddy! 

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