Monday, September 26, 2011

Nursery News!

We have made so many updates to the nursery! All furniture has been purchased...although we don't actually have the Glider yet and it technically could get here after the baby but fingers crossed. We have window treatments and bedding and many baby needs thanks to three (one more to go) wonderful Baby Showers! Little by little I am working on wall decorations and personalizing the room! Here is what we have done so far!

Eric's Grandma Ruth Beck came to visit over Labor Day weekend and was kind enough to make beautiful curtains for the nursery and the baby bathroom. (although I forgot to take a pic of the bathroom so you will have to see that later!)

Eric spray painted our chandelier to match the nursery colors!

After much searching we decided to have our bedding made. We picked out the fabrics and the wonderful Nancy Cleland made them into something incredible! They look perfect! I am still tweaking the ties as our crib is a little differently shaped than most but we will figure it out!

I'm currently working on the layout for a picture frame wall pics added yet, just deciding where each frame will go! What do you think?

Lastly, as I mentioned above we finally purchased a Glider after much frustration! First we couldn't decide on a Glider or Glider/Recliner, then we couldn't decide if we needed the ottoman, then we couldn't find the right color, then when we finally resolved all of these issues the lady tells us it will take 8-12 weeks for only had 10 weeks to go at that point so needless to say this stressed me out a bit. The same brand of chair at a different store said 4-6 weeks so I was NOT expecting this at all! Needless to say we are VERY hopeful it will come in earlier but we wont know until it does. We actually got a call on Friday from Buy Buy Baby telling us it was in...and we were shocked...and we should have been because when we called Sunday to tell them we were coming to get it they let us know it was a mistake and our chair was not in. Of course...thanks for getting my hopes up! Here is a pic of the store model of the chair we picked. I have also included a pic of the fabric swatches, our chair will be the oatmeal color with a the purple piping!
(second color from the left is the main fabric and the purple is the piping!)

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