Friday, September 9, 2011

29 Weeks

How the baby is growing:

This week Baby Girl W weighs about 2 and 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and measures a tad over 15 inches from head to heel (the size of the front wheel on the original big wheel!)!

How I am changing:

Well I am getting bigger that's for sure! Unfortunately I seem to no longer comfortably fit in my first pair of maternity jeans...I'm so glad I invested in an expensive pair thinking they would last the whole time...grrr. (Not to mention the seam split on my designer jeans that I hardly wear and have washed once...the Gap pants I wear to work every week and wash all the time are in perfect shape....lesson learned)  Thankfully Gap Maternity is awesome, had a great sale and I had some rewards cash so I pretty much got a pair for free...of course I had to order then so who knows if I will like them but Gap Maternity hasn't disappointed me yet! Fingers crossed! I also finally found a pair of khakis (also Gap but found on eBay...I hope I like them). Assuming these two things fit I have decided I will no longer purchase any maternity please don't make fun of me for wearing the same things all the time...Its just too close to the end to spend any more money. I have certainly learned a lot this pregnancy when it comes to maternity clothes and I will do things a tad differently next time!

The belly is growing everyday and getting rounder! In general the public can not decide if I am huge or tiny but who! It has gotten very difficult to bend over that's for sure. I'm sure that will only get worse.

Baby girl is moving like crazy these days! I think she is head down because when I feel hiccups they are typically in the lower abdomen area and unfortunately I'm pretty sure she has discovered my ribs as I think I have received a few swift kicks! She is getting big enough now that I can feel what must be an elbow or a knee from time to time on the surface of the belly and I think it is the coolest thing! I poke it and rub it, not because it hurts but because I can't get enough of it. I am amazed everyday at the miracle inside me, with everyday that passes I am more and more excited for her to be here. Labor is going to be tough but I do not even care and oddly enough (and I know this may be naive) I'm not even stressed out about it because I just want to meet her!

Fun Stuff:

Eric's grandma Ruth came to visit us this weekend all the way from Iowa. It was such a good weekend! We typically get to see Ruth every Christmas but we have never really had an opportunity to just spend time with her and we were blessed with that this past weekend. Although I joke she only came down to work (she made some INCREDIBLE Nursery curtains which you will see in the Nursery update post coming up) we had a lot of fun. We made roll dough that we turned into delicious doughnuts, yummy Pigs in a Blanket and sinful Pecan Rolls, we went to see The Help (which was amazing!), and we just hung out and talked. Ruth told us stories of her babies when they were little and of her birth experiences and it was just such an incredible time. I am so glad she could come and I know that Eric really enjoyed it to. Its hard living so far away from most of our family so we really appreciate when someone comes all the way down South for a visit!

      Eric helped!


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