Monday, August 29, 2011

28 Weeks (Yes I am lazy and skipped another week...Im sorry!)

Again...I apologize as I managed to skip another week! 27 weeks flew by and I didn't take a pic...which led me to decide I didn't need to do a post! Hopefully you enjoyed my Iowa Shower/Iowa State Fair crazy is deep fried butter...but I digress...back to your regularly scheduled (er...sorta) blog post:

How the baby is growing:

(disclaimer: I have decided that Baby Center is FULL OF IT when it comes to the size of the baby...some weeks it only seems to go up the tiniest bit, others it goes up like crazy and the numbers just don't sound right...but I'm going to go with it as I want to stay consistent with the source)

This week Baby Girl W weighs 2 and 1/4 pounds (maybe...) and measures about 14.8 inches from head to heels, like a Chinese Cabbage!

How I am changing:

I have officially entered the third trimester!!!! YAY! My belly is growing rounder and rounder and thankfully I do not appear to be getting to much rounder in other areas! (fingers crossed...) I have reached the point where instead of getting excited about how many weeks along I am I get excited about how many weeks until I get to meet our baby girl...12 if you are counting! (Well around 12...who knows when she will really come...I'm hoping a little early, but not too early as Eric is out of town the first couple days in November)

Doesn't it look so much rounder than 26 weeks???

No new symptoms to report...a bit of a return of "morning" sickness. Its NO WHERE NEAR AS BAD as it was so I can't complain but it still kinda sucks! Heartburn comes and goes but the Tums help. (I recommend the Smoothies, they go down so easy! Thanks for the tip Lauren!) Baby Girl is kicking like crazy! You can literally see my stomach move from across the room! I havnt seen any creepy (yet wonderful!) hand or foot prints but there is plenty of time for that still!

Everyone is always asking me if I am having any crazy cravings and sadly I am not...I say sadly because cravings are so entertaining and make such good stories! I haven't craved anything I didn't already like, I would just say that I give into cravings a whole lot more! For example...I have had a serious hankering for rice krispy treats several times during pregnancy and I have indulged several times! LOL

We had a tour of the Maternity Center at Spartanburg Regional last week and it got us both really excited for Baby Girl to get here!

Nursery News:

So far we have painted the walls in the nursery and baby bathroom, purchased the main furniture pieces and assembled the crib!

Elle likes the new furniture!

We attempted to make additional progress on the nursery last weekend...the plan was to buy a glider/ottoman...that didn't happen. LOL We did however find a rug! Its not exactly what I was thinking and its a little bit smaller than I really wanted but the price was right! I will do a whole nursery post when we get a little more done!

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