Thursday, August 4, 2011

24 Weeks

How the baby is growing:

This week Baby Girl W weighs a little more than a pound and measures almost a foot long, about the length of an ear of corn! (Or the size of an over-inflated football for the next week!)

How I am changing:

I feel like my belly looks a lot rounder these days and its starting to grow at the top as well as just in the actual belly portion. Strangely enough the public cannot decide if I am huge for 6 months or tiny for 6 months. Every time I wear a different outfit I have someone say one of two things to me: "You can't possibly be 6 months, you are so tiny!" or "You have really gotten big, only 6 months?" How I can at the same time be both huge and tiny is beyond me! All I know is that I have not gained too much weight and I don't feel like I have gotten any bigger in my arms and legs so I think I'm doing just fine! 

I am also happy to report that I felt pretty good this week as well. Traveling was interesting, riding on a little plane for a couple hours with seats that don't recline was NOT comfortable but it was worth the trip!

The fun stuff:

This past weekend we flew to Kansas City to celebrate the wedding of Meghan Mohr and Tyler Alt. I had so much fun, the wedding was a beautiful success and the party was fabulous. I was worried I wouldn't have nearly as much fun as I usually do at weddings due to my not being able to partake in the beverages and being tried all the time but I was wrong. First off, my friends are so fun I almost forgot I couldn't have a beverage or that I needed to go to bed! LOL Second, I think there were actually 8 or 9 pregnant ladies at the party! I guess we have just hit that point in our lives where everyone is having kids! Its very exciting! I forgot my camera so I didn't take any pics but I know a lot of the girls did so I hope to steal some pics once they are posted on facebook! It was totally worth it but I keep saying I have a pregnancy hangover due to my lack of sleep and running around all weekend! I can't wait to head home to Iowa in a week for my first Baby Shower for Baby Girl W!

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