Thursday, August 25, 2011

Showered with Love ... and deep fried butter???

The weekend of Aug 13th I headed to Iowa to see friends and family and to have my very first baby shower hosted by my Aunt Jan. It was such an incredible day, Baby Girl and I are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family that love and support us.

Friends and relatives (from Eric's family and mine!) gathered at my Aunt's house for an incredible celebrate of Baby Girl Wagner.

We played games,


We ate good food and then I opened presents for Baby Girl! She was very fortunate to recieve TONS of adorable clothing, (I know how hard it is to bypass cute little girls clothes!) some necesities like blankets and burp clothes. a few bigger items like her bouncer seat and bath and a few Wagner Family Heirlooms that just broke my heart (in a good way!) to open. I think I was pretty much crying through the entire gift opening experience! I was a fairly emotional person before pregnancy so the hormones have only taken it up a notch!

"My Aunt is the BEST!"

Beck (Wagner) Family Christening Gown

Aunt Jan's delicious creations!

Wagner/Beck Family Bassinet updated for Baby Girl!

The shower was such a success and I cannot even possibly express how blessed Eric and Baby Girl and I feel to have such amazing friends and family who love and support us! Thank you so much to Amy Bednarz, my Aunt Jan and my Mom Penny for making this shower happen! I love you all!

After the shower a group of us headed to ...THE IOWA STATE FAIR!!! If you are from Iowa you understand my excitement...if you are not from Iowa, The Iowa State Fair is one of the largest fairs in the United States. It is not the creepy dangerous...wouldn't attend if I was paid...situation that is apparently the fair in my current town. It a word...AMAZING! Incredible food, good music, fun rides and numerous exhibitions showcasing Iowa culture! We ate cheese curds and Taffy, visited the famous "Butter Cow" and simply walked around and experienced The Iowa State Fair!

Yes this cow is made entirely of butter!

And now for an explanation of my post title.... Apparently news of a new product being served up at The Iowa State Fair was so outrageous that it made it all the way to the local Spartanburg station. This year someone did the unthinkable...they invented Deep Fried Butter. Now when I first heard about this I was just plain disgusted. I was told a whole stick was used and frankly it just sounded like a heart attack waiting to happen. Although further explanation did not convince me to actually try the newest deep fried concoction I do feel a little better for the people of Iowa! Apparently 1/8 of a stick is used, its covered in dough and cinnamon and sugar, and when its fried the butter completely melts and soaks the bread leaving a hollow space in the middle. Wow. That's all I can say!

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