Sunday, September 18, 2011

31 Weeks

How the baby is growing: 

This week Baby Girl W weighs about 3.3 pounds, about the size of 4 naval oranges, and measures over 16 inches long! Babycenter tells me that she is headed for a growth spurt which is just crazy to me because I already feel so big! I guess these last 9(ish) weeks will be a marathon, not a sprint!

How I am changing: 

My belly is bigger than ever! (duh!) People tell me I am not that big but I sure do feel big! I am thankful for my long torso as baby girl has plenty of room to grow and move without smashing my lungs and ribs! She has seemed to discover my ribs with a few swift kicks but nothing too bad! It is incredible how often I am feeling her move! She has hiccups now and then and just does acrobatics all over my belly. Eric and I like to lay in bed and watch my belly move. Elle likes to lay on my belly and feel it. Hopefully she will still like it when Baby Girl is outside the belly...

I am still dealing with heartburn...If I never eat another Tums after this pregnancy it will be too soon! I had a random sick day this week...not very fun. I lost breakfast...then idea where that came from but hopefully it wont be reoccurring often during these last weeks. Other than that I'm just many commitments are starting to catch up with me and I have had to bail on a few meetings. I feel bad but its just too much at this stage! I will have to really cut back on my future commitments, its not like I'm going to have more time or energy when she gets here! 

We started Prepared Childbirth classes this week! Between my books and research I feel like I already know some of the stuff they cover but I have for sure learned some new things as well. Plus I figure you can never be too prepared! I'm sure birth will not exactly go as I expect (My Birth Hopes post to come soon...) but at least I can have an idea of what will happen! I know Baby Girl will be in charge that day! 

We also had another checkup this week. Baby Girl's heartbeat is going strong at 148! We FINALLY met the last doctor in the practice so now I will officially not be totally surprised at the birth, LOL! We really like everyone in the practice so I feel pretty comfortable with the whole 1 out of 5 chance for D (delivery) Day. 

I am really just ready for her to get here...9(ish) weeks to go! 

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