Friday, April 5, 2013

Back it up, back it up: Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 was a little spread out and a little sad but overall still my favorite holiday! Since we would be going to Iowa for the actual Christmas holiday (my first spend without my mom in my LIFE) we opted to celebrate early with my Mom and Mark in South Carolina. It would also be our last Christmas at our Spartanburg house. The day after my 30th birthday (thanks for letting me sleep in Mom!) we spent the day cooking and opening presents and enjoying each others time. Holidays (specifically Thanksgiving and Christmas) have always been a big deal to me and my mom, we LOVE putting on some music and spending the day in the kitchen cooking. We usually play a few board games and relax in the evenings and it is always wonderful. This year was no different, it just wasn't on Christmas day. Amelia loved opening all her presents. Since we would be flying to Iowa and we knew there would be no shortage of presents for her there we let her open her gifts from us as well. This year we didn't go to crazy, we got Amelia a Pottery Barn Anytime Chair in red with her name in white and a Fischer Price Apptivity Case for the iPad.

We traveled to Iowa for the actual Christmas holiday. We carried on the Wagner tradition of appetizers and presents on Christmas Eve. Amelia had so much fun opening a big box and pulling paper out. The Wagner's gave Amelia her big present when they were in South Carolina in November. (At that time it wasn't decided whether we would move or not) For her first Birthday/Christmas the Wagner's got Amelia her very own swing set! We are very excited to make this purchase and set it up in our new backyard when we buy a house in Wisconsin. 

We also got to attend Beck Christmas. This year it was hosted by Pat and Louis. I hardly took any pics but got a great one of Abby and Amelia. 

This is basically the only picture I got of Amelia in her ADORABLE holiday dress! 

Merry Christmas! (4 months late! ha!)

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