Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our new (temporary)home

So you all probably know by now but Eric got an amazing job opportunity with Charter Steel that would take us to Milwaukee, WI. He wasn't exactly looking but engineers are often recruited and that is what happened with us. The recruiter contacted him back in October and by the end of December we accepted the offer. It was quick and a little bit scary but we felt like it was the best decision for our family. Eric moved to Milwaukee in mid January and Amelia and I stayed behind in Spartanburg for 6 weeks. It was a LONG 6 weeks...I have a new found respect for single parents...let me just say wow. It didn't help matters that Amelia was diagnosed with RSV the actual day Eric left for Milwaukee! It was a rough start but we made it and I worked until the bitter end! My last day at the Solicitor's Office was March 1st. Eric flew in from Milwaukee that night, we packed the car ALL day Saturday and had a goodbye dinner with my mom and Mark Saturday night. :( Eric got on the road Sunday morning in my car and Amelia and I spent the day with my mom. Monday morning Amelia and I headed to the Charlotte airport and flew to Milwaukee! It was a whirlwind!! Our house is on the market in South Carolina so we are living in temporary housing in Milwaukee. (thank you Charter!!) Our apartment is in downtown Milwaukee in the 3rd Ward. Its a cool revitalized warehouse district with lots of shops and restaurants right on the water. Once our house sells (prayers please!) we will buy a house in the North Shore. Amelia and I have already started getting out to play groups and the library and meeting people in the North Shore and scoping our neighborhoods. So far we love it here!

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