Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Fun 2013

Although this was technically Amelia's 2nd Easter she was so young for her first (and we were still pretty tired...) that we didn't really do anything special. This year however was different. She wasn't quite old enough to understand all of the Easter activities but we got to have a lot of fun. 

We started off our Easter fun with a visit with the Easter Bunny. There is a fun cafe/indoor children's play area in Bayside, WI that we have been frequenting with our new friends Shannon and Aidan and every year they have the Easter Bunny come out for (free)pictures and visits with the kids. I wasn't sure how Amelia would feel about the Easter Bunny, she usually isn't very shy but historically kids are very scared of this big furry friend! Not the case with Amelia...she immediately went to the Easter Bunny and didn't want to leave! She actually got very upset when I finally removed her from his lap as other children wanted a turn. Her newest trick is pointing out facial features like nose, ears, eyes, etc... so she kept pointing to his nose, saying "What's that," then answering herself by saying "nose!" She loved it!

Aidan and Amelia (and The Easter Bunny)

Amelia and I decided to make cupcakes for Daddy and our friends. (Thanks Grandma Wagner for the mix and decorations!)

Amelia helping in her Learning Tower

I think she liked it...

Easter weekend we headed out for Amelia's longest road trip to date to Iowa. After an interesting car trip (there was some yelling...) we got in late Friday night. Saturday morning Eric, Lindsay and I hit the road for Kansas City for a Baby Shower for Ashley Adrianse and some long awaited quality time with some of our best friends.

The Whole D Crew!

Meeting Baby Jack Bednarz for the first time

Amelia stayed behind in West Des Moines with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm told they explored Lowe's and the Mall, visited the Easter Bunny and Amelia even rode the Mall Easter train all by herself!

Sunday morning after very little sleep we drove back to Des Moines to drop off Lindsay then hit the road again for Blue Grass, IA to Wayne and Kathy Beck's house for an Easter Meal. Amelia enjoyed herself outside with Grandma and Grandpa. I tried to get a family shot but apparently she wasn't feeling it...

Kathy was so sweet and gave Amelia an Easter Basket. She loved it! She is already sporting her new shades on our walks!

Happy Easter! 

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