Thursday, June 23, 2011

18 Weeks

How the baby is growing:

This week Baby W measures about 5 and 1/2 inches, about the length of a bell pepper (or apparently a small electric shaver says "Tarzan's Ultimate Guide To Baby Sizes for Soon to be Fathers" ) and weighs an impressive 7 ounces!

How I am changing:

Not much to report this week. I am feeling more and more hungry as the days go by and I am able to stomach more at breakfast so I have reintroduced fruit to the meal to accompany my boring toast or English muffin and peanut steps...literally! I wouldn't say I have reached the ravenous hunger stage that people talk about but its a difference. I am starting to notice my belly more and more. I can feel it when I lean forward (like when I try to shave my legs...super fun) and its a little uncomfortable...only more of that to come as I get bigger!

I FINALLY purchased some new bras! YAY! Bras that fit. The semi annual sale had a great selection and I wanted to buy a million but who knows if these puppies are done growing!! :)

The fun stuff:

This past weekend Mary Ann an Abby Wagner came to visit in South Carolina! We are attempting to convince both Abby and The Wagner's to relocate to the South...Bob and Mary Ann aren't too hard to convince, especially come winter time, I think they will be here before we know it. Abby on the other hand is taking a little more work. ;) Abby and Mary Ann drove to Charlotte, NC (only an hour away from Spartanburg) to check out the city while Eric and I worked on Friday. We all met up in Charlotte around dinner time and headed to a beautiful Italian place right down the street from the hotel and then to see "Shrek: The Musical." It was a blast, there was also some sort of street performer fair going on in Charlotte so we got to see a magician, several singers and an amazing group of horn players ranging from age 5/6 to adulthood!

We headed back to Spartanburg Sat night and Eric Smoked us a wonderful Chicken. The newly Vegetarian Abby contributed an awesome Cous Cous dish as well. Lastly before Mary Ann and Abby headed back to the Midwest they surprised us with a few gifts for Baby W in honor of Father's Day! It was a wonderful weekend full of family! (Elle was kind enough to model one of the gifts for us!)

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