Wednesday, July 27, 2011

23 Weeks

How the baby is growing:

This week Baby Girl W weighs just over a pound and measures a whopping 11 inches, about the size of a large mango! (Or the size of an over-inflated football for the next 2 weeks!)

How I am changing:

I am happy to report that I felt great all sick days! I am feeling EXHAUSTED every day around 2 or 3 so that's no fun. All those liars who told me I would have so much energy and feel like super woman during the second trimester... :)

I am still growing like crazy in the belly department. (and thankfully only in the belly department!)

The Fun Stuff:

We were so productive last weekend! My good friend Chrisoula came to visit from Florida and we spent all day Saturday registering and shopping! We started the day at Buy Buy Baby where we finished registering for all of our new baby needs! This was quite a process. I had done a lot of research online and I brought my trusty Baby Bargains book but there is nothing like the real thing baby! We looked at so much and took the philosophy of register for anything you could possibly need. We certainly will not be buying everything off of our registry that isn't purchased for us but why not register for it. We had a few heated debates...I think it is absolutely necessary that we register for the Purple Babyjogger...Eric did not feel the same! ( I did compromise as he wanted the red one and I didn't like we went with the mint Green...I will find a way to "girly" it up...don't worry!) The whole process actually took a few hours but Eric was really a good sport...he only had one mini meltdown. (For those of you who personally know Eric you know he LOATHES shopping...even grocery shopping...)

We then headed to the Baby Furniture Plus Kids Clearance Center and then to the showroom. In a much quicker process than I anticipated we actually picked out and purchased MOST of our nursery furniture! (Furniture post to follow)

After a very long and tiring day of registering and shopping we ended up at my moms house. Chrisoula wasn't our only visitor this weekend, Stephanie, Shawn, Josh, Jonathon, Jerilyn and Skylor made the long drive down from Iowa for a 5 day visit! We all packed into my moms house for a fish fry and BBQ. It was delicious and so nice to see some family!

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