Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby Girl #2: 39 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 39 Weeks...time really got away from me, turns out being super pregnant with a toddler makes things busy...


WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS:  Per the doctor at 39 week check up, up 25 pounds

STRETCH MARKS: none thank god...I know I shouldn't care but I really really do

SWELLING:  a little in the ankles but nothing notable

MATERNITY CLOTHES:  yes but I'm basically rotating 3-4 outfits, I'm not comfortable in jeans so I try to wear leggings and yoga pants most of the and fashionable! ;)

BELLY BUTTON: Outtie, full blown, way more so than with Amelia.

SLEEP: I'm being really good about taking my calcium magnesium supplement and unfortunately Zantac nightly and it has GREATLY improved my sleep. Its not perfect but its so much better.

CRAVINGS: Nothing to report really.

SYMPTOMS:  Nothing new really.

MOVEMENT: Movement seems to have slowed down but I think its just because she is out of room to move. Still consistently moving every day!


WHAT I'M LOVING: The idea of NO LONGER BEING PREGNANT SOON. I'm also soaking up Amelia time and extra hugs and kisses.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Meeting this little girl! Seeing Amelia as a big sister.

BIG SIS UPDATE: Amelia has been very affectionate lately telling me she loves me unprompted. It has been very nice. She also randomly tells me "Your the best," its kind of our new thing. :)

(crappy pic...I forgot to take a "real" one and then I wasn't pregnant anymore...)

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