Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lilla: 2 Weeks Old

In Lilla's second week we had a lot of fun! We started the week with Lilla's newborn photo shoot. That was an experience...much different with a toddler... We found a local photographer that seemed great so we decided to try her out and I was very impressed! The session took A LOT longer than I thought it would between Amelia being a crazy unpredictable 2 year old and Lilla deciding she didn't need to sleep but I think in the end we got a lot of great pics! I can't wait to see them!

On Sunday June 1st (Happy Birthday Grandpa Bob) Nana arrived! We were all so excited to see her since the last time was Christmas! Nana got right to work playing with her two beautiful granddaughters and helping me around the house.  People keep asking me how I am adjusting to two kids and I feel like I can't answer because I haven't had to do it by myself yet. Between Bob and Mary Ann and Abby and my mom Penny I have had SO MUCH help. I am so thankful and a little scared for when they are all gone...oh well, I'll figure it out I'm sure! :)

We spent the week "relaxing" at home. We ventured on a few walks and one park play date with the neighborhood kids. We did try to run a few errands...again...interesting...

On Saturday June 7th we went to the Milwaukee County Zoo for Eric's Company picnic. We had a great time. Lilla basically slept the whole time but Amelia had so much fun. She is at such a great ago for the Zoo. More on that outing in another post.

Lilla is still asleep most of the time. She is slowly having periods of wakefulness but they are short. Nighttime sleep is going pretty well. We have had a couple really rough nights but most nights we are only up 2 or 3 times at the most. She has even had 2 nights were she only woke up 1 time, sleeping 5 and 6 hours straight!

Breastfeeding is also going really well. Lilla has been a pro nurser from day 1. Some days she nurses around the clock and other days she sleeps longer periods and nurses every 2-3 hours. She loves to cluster feed in the evenings...sometimes only going 30-45 min between feedings. I don't mind this at all except for the fact that she is not my only child! Amelia seems to always need me right when Lilla wants to nurse so that causes drama...

Speaking of Big Sister, she is doing GREAT with Lilla. She loves her more than anything and wants to hold her and touch her and talk to her all the time. She lets us know of Lilla is crying or needs us. She will grab blankets or diapers or the nursing pillow for me. She doesn't love it when Lilla cries and will sometimes make a really loud noise, I'm not sure if she is trying to out do Lilla or what. Her overall behavior has been...interesting. She is a 2 year old through and through. She has taken a real liking to the word no and is very mommy dependent. She wants me to do everything for her, especially while I'm feeding Lilla. It makes things hard on me as I feel bad I can't do those things for her. Overall she is a great big sister and I'm sure the drama will die down!

2 week stats:
9 lb 3 oz , 75th percentile (up about 1.5 lbs since 3 day apt, my good little eater!)
22.5 in, 95th percentile
36 cm, 50th percentile

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