Friday, June 6, 2014

Our first week. (the second time around)

Well here we are one week out from the delivery of our second baby girl. Being a true family of 4 hasn't really set in yet as Amelia has been at the Wagner's for a few days giving Eric and I time to bond with the baby and (lets face it) sleep. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

We came home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon (the 25th). We technically were supposed to stay until Monday but I was feeling good and Lilla was doing great so we just decided to go home. I think Eric was over sleeping on the pull out couch. (although it was WAY better than the "window seat" he slept in when Amelia was born!)

We spent Sunday evening with Amelia and the Wagner's and Monday morning they headed to Iowa for the week. I was really sad to be away from Amelia but it ended up being great for everyone. More on that in a minute. I had my first post baby beer and it was glorious! :)

Because my recovery was SO MUCH EASIER this time around Eric and I spent the week hanging out with Lilla and doing things around the house. It is amazing to wake up after 9 months and have all nausea and heartburn just gone. My not so enjoyable symptoms seemed to last the entirety of my pregnancy this time around, I was nauseous in the morning until the last day and even threw up a few times that last week. Honestly it was beginning to feel "normal" like it would always be that way. Then poof, baby comes out and the symptoms are gone! Hallelujah! Due to, I'm sure, the vast reduction in labor and pushing time my physical...repercussions...of labor were a lot more mild this time around. At a week out I'm very happy with how I feel and how I look and I could NOT say that after Amelia's birth. Sure I'm a little sore and tired but everyday I feel so much closer to normal. We even made it out on a little walk in the first week!

Lilla is sleeping pretty well. Nothing monumental, well, we did get one 5 hour stretch, but other than that its been every 2-3 hour at night with a couple of rough nights thrown in for good measure. During the day she basically sleeps, nurses...then goes back to sleep. It doesn't seem to be affecting her nights so I'm not worried yet but I don't remember Amelia being this sleepy. I may have forgotten though!

Nursing is going GREAT. Lilla latched on like a pro at the hospital and never stopped. She really likes to nurse and I nurse on demand so sometimes its every hour! Its usually every 1.5 -2.5 hours which is pretty normal I think. She likes to cluster feed in the evenings so hopefully eventually that will lead to nice long periods of sleep! A girl can dream... :)

Lilla left the hospital weighing 7 lb 12 oz, losing only 2% of her birth weight. At her 3 day check up she was already back to 7 lb, 14.5 oz so she is doing great. No jaundice to worry about or any other issues!

Amelia (in the short time she has spent with her before and after her Iowa trip) is in LOVE with her baby sister. She wants to touch and hold and hug her constantly. Although she has FOR SURE shown jealousy and acted out she has not directed any of that at Lilla. She did get pretty upset when Lilla cried once and yelled at her to stop but we explained that that was how babies communicated and she seemed cool with that and hasn't reacted that way since. She really doesn't understand why Lilla doesn't smile for pictures. :)

Amelia having a blast in Iowa!

We spent Lilla's one week birthday taking newborn/family pictures. WOW...that was an adventure. I loved the photographer and I feel confident we got a lot of great shots but neither of my beautiful girls really cooperated... Regardless I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out! :)

Here's to another fun week! Amelia is home and Nana is here!

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