Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby #2: 8 Weeks

Edited to add: Written 10/21/13


I don't look pregnant and no on knows but if there was any doubt it was erased in the last week. I went from a little tired and a queasy moment here and there to full blown all day sickness. I had hoped this pregnancy would be different but alas it is not, if anything its worse. I'm not sure if its actually worse....although it sure seems like it or if chasing a toddler while sick just makes it worse. I got a prescription for Zofran called in the first day I was so sick. It helped but not like last time. Last time I could take it 30 min before I got up for the day and I would really be OK for most of the rest of the day...not this time. It seemed to take a lot longer to kick in and I was barely making it the 8 hours until the next pill. No fun.

The Wagner's came up for a visit just in time for a little relief and relaxation and to stay with Amelia for my first pre-natal appointment. Unlike in SC they don't do first appointments until 7-8 weeks. It was awesome to officially confirm the pregnancy and I even got an ultrasound! It was wonderful to see a few pics of the tiny thing! Doc also prescribed me a different medicine to try. It seems to be working, I'm still sick and generally icky but I'm not throwing up every day. The meds do seem to make me more tired than usual but I guess Ill take that!


8 Weeks along
Down 3 pounds, no belly yet 
Baby is the size of a Lima Bean
Mommy is sick :(
Up at least once a night for potty break
Big Sister is very excited and has announced she would like a baby brother and a baby sister (sorry kid, doc says there is only one in there!)

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