Thursday, February 6, 2014

Munchkin Meals: 2 years

Today I am linking up with Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life to talk about what my munchkin, Amelia age 2 plus 3 months, is eating!

As I'm sure any toddler parent will tell you we have good days and bad days but overall I am pretty happy with Amelia's eating habits. She loves a variety of healthy...and some not so healthy foods and I can usually get her to try anything at least once...usually, sometimes it does require cheese bribery. As Amelia has gotten older she has developed a few food quirks that drive me nuts but the good far outweighs the bad so I will take it! 

Here is a snapshot of a day of eats with Amelia.  (in terrible iPhone pics…sorry!)

Despite the fact that she always wants to play with daddy when he gets her out of bed, the first thing she usually says to me in the morning is "I want to eat breakfast." So after changing from sleep panties (pull ups...shhh) to real panties we head downstairs for breakfast. Amelia is a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast and usually asks for pancakes with honey and banana. Today however she had toast with peanut butter and banana. Other occasional breakfast favorites include waffles, cereal with milk and (coconut milk)yogurt and berries. I usually serve Amelia coconut milk with all meals but lately she has been on a big water kick and has reduced the amount of milk she is drinking. She makes up for it in cheese. :)

Depending on the day and what we are up to Amelia sometimes has a morning snack.  I forgot to snap a pic but on this day Amelia had some dried apples on the way home from story time at the library...and more water. 

For lunch we seem to rotate through a few easy meal options, for example: Annie's Mac and cheese and peas, cheese and cracker and veggies (raw carrots or peppers) and hummus, PB and J and fruit, grilled cheese with a fruit and veg or beans (usually black beans or chickpeas) tomatoes and fruit or veg. I don't usually have the time or patience to get too creative at lunch. On this day Amelia had pretzel crisps and carrots with hummus and raspberries. 

Amelia is always ready for snack when she wakes up from nap and being 23 weeks pregnant I'm usually ready for a snack too!  She always asks for fruit snacks (fruit leather) every day, I oblige sometimes. I usually pair it with some type of fruit. Sometimes we do cheese sticks or snap pea crisps or pretzels. On this day Amelia had a clementine and a fruit leather. She also stole most of my unpictured pop corn. This girl can really put down some food! 

Ugh…especially terrible pic! The only way I remember to document food is with my phone!

For dinner Amelia eats what we eat for the most part. If we have something especially strange I will make her her own meal but I try to keep it similar to ours if possible. She has a strange thing about foods mixed together and she still doesn't really care for meat but she eats plenty of beans and greens so I'm feeling good about her protein intake. For this meal I made homemade falafel with tahini sauce and naan served with salad. Amelia loves chickpeas; she helped me prepare this and ate the parsley, the cilantro and even the onions (um…yeah…she kept telling me they make her feel good, whatever works for you kid!) that went into it so I had high hopes she would enjoy it as a meal despite her weirdness about combining foods. She wasn't an immediate fan but after a little naan bread bribery(similar to cheese bribery) she gave it a try and ending up eating most of the patty.  She also loves salad!

So that's a sampling of how my munchkin eats. Thanks to Brittany for hosting this link up! 


  1. My son used to love that frog plate! Gotta love Target Dollar Spot! Yes, definitely agree, good days and bad days when it comes to toddlers and eating!

  2. Oh my gosh! Does Amelia eat the greens/salad like that? My 18 month old absolutely refuses to eat any greens (unless he doesn't realise I snuck them into his meals). I've tried all sorts of ways, and he ultimately just throws them on the floor, and eats the rest of his meal. I sneak spinach/kale/etc into patties/eggs/chili, wherever, otherwise he wouldn't eat any!

    1. Its insane but she LOVES salad. We do a salad with dinner almost every night and some nights she eats more than I do. I also blend spinach or kale into every smoothie we make, like a lot of it because I can't taste it at all, it makes for strange colors but I figure its good for both of us!

    2. Ooh! That's so great! I hope my son eventually comes around to eating his greens like that, but I think we'll have to wait for quite a while before that happens. I don't know why, but we don't have smoothies very often. I actually love them, too, but don't remember the last time I've made any. It's alwy

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