Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just call me fertile myrtle...

Eric and I had been talking about baby number two for awhile now. We had gone back and forth on when to start trying. We really wanted A out of diapers and maybe into a big girl bed before the next arrived and we didn't want them too close in age. We also didn't want them too far apart and it felt like everyday I heard a sad story from a friend who had been or has been trying for a year for their second or third. Turnig 30 didn't bother me one bit but realistically "they" say it gets tougher as you get older. I know that's not true for everyone (obviously!) but I didn't want to take the chance of having kids 5 years apart! So we decided to start trying. We sort of tried for one month and didn't get pregnant....then I got a weird hives rash right around ovulation the next month so we took that month off. Then we tried again the next month. Although we very much wanted me to be pregnant I think we had both prepared ourselves for it to take a long time…or at least some time!

A and I had gone to DSM the week before Abby's wedding to hang out while Eric was on a business trip. All week I felt tired despite the fact I was sleeping more. Then we headed to Chicago for the wedding and I still felt not quite right. Even a little nauseous at times! I decided to play it safe and not drink too much, I kept to two glasses of wine a night...tough at a wedding! When we got home Sunday I took a test and low and behold…instant positive! Pregnant on our second try...just like last time! We are truly elated but a little in shock as both of us really truly believed it would take forever! Can't wait for May/June 2014 to meet out newest addition!

Yep...I took 3 tests just to be sure!

Over the next week or 2 I will be posting the few blog posts I actually wrote regarding the pregnancy up to this point…I'm trying to be better now that I am farther along and feeling better! :)

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