Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby #2: 9 Weeks

Edited to add: written 10/28/13


Well I'm back to Zofran, the Compazine just wasn't working for me so we decided to trying a lower dose of Zofran more often and see how that works. Here's hoping! Day one of the new schedule is a vast improvement, hopefully this isn't a fluke! (edited to add --- not a fluke, this dosage seems to work MUCH better! I am a functioning adult again!)

Throwing up with a toddler in tow is quite a different experience! Amelia will never let me go to the bathroom alone so she followed me right in when I was going in to get sick, I tried to deter her with no luck so she saw the whole gruesome event. Then she said to me "Mommy blew her nose in the potty!" I just smiled and said yes, at least I got to end that experience on a positive note with a laugh! 

Amelia is loving all the baby talk. I'm not sure if its coincidence or not but she has really been into babies lately. She carries Baby Sara (technically all her babies are named Sara but she mostly been into the Bitty Baby lately) everywhere she goes. She loves to talk about the baby in mommy's belly and how shes going to be a big sister! She obviously has no idea what is coming but its fun to see her so excited about the idea of a baby!


9 Weeks
No idea on weight
Baby is the size of a GRAPE
Still sick but not as bad!
Sleep is a little rough, I seem to wake up a lot at night

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